*A vehicle which was travelling eastbound on West Main Street at about 2:45a.m. on 04/01/11 caught an officer’s attention as the vehicle had a rear flat tire and had branches stuck in the front bumper.  According to reports, the driver of the vehicle was travelling in excess of the posted speed limit.  The officer eventually conducted a stop of this vehicle and made contact with the driver, Aaron Whitaker of Springfield.  An investigation into the stop resulted in the arrest of Whitaker for several alleged violations including DUI.

*Richard Kennedy of Taylorville was stopped on 04/04/11 at about 2:25p.m. and issued a citation for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*On 04/06/11, at about 8:35p.m. officers received a call from a subject who resides in the Camelot Subdivision.  She was concerned as she had received a phone call from her husband and he was at their residence threatening to kill himself. Officers went to the residence and made contact with the subject.  He was eventually transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

*Nicholas Dooley of Nokomis was arrested on 04/08/11, at about 5:20p.m. as Dooley had an active warrant for his arrest which had been issued by Montgomery County authorities.

*Alex Haire of Rochester was arrested on 04/12/11, at 7:40a.m.  Officers learned Haire was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Sangamon County authorities.

*A vehicle being driven by Contavious Kidd of Springfield was stopped on 04/13/11 at 9:35a.m. due to an alleged speeding violation.  According to the report, Kidd was also cited for not having a driver’s license.  On 04/14/11, at 5:05p.m. Kidd was cited again for allegedly driving without a valid license.

*Dalton Felber of Rochester was stopped on 04/17/11, at about 7:45p.m.  Felber was cited for allegedly driving while his license is suspended.  Felber was again cited for the same offense on 04/30/11.

*A truck driven by Steven Huddleston of Taylorville was stopped on 04/18/11 at about 4:10p.m.  During the course of the stop, officers learned that Huddleston was allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*On 04/23/11, at about 1:40a.m. officers reported clocking a vehicle travelling over the posted speed limit on North Oak Street.  The vehicle was stopped and the driver of the vehicle, Warren Summers, was ticketed for multiple alleged violations including speed, driving an uninsured vehicle, illegal transportation of alcohol, and DUI.

*Officers were called to a family disturbance on 04/23/11, at about 9:15p.m. at a residence on Twin Oaks.  The victims claimed that family members came to the house to discuss issues concerning their younger children.  According to the victims, the family members slapped and punched them striking them in the face.  Arrested for the alleged domestic battery were Cortney Smith and Brian Smith.

*A vehicle being driven by Travis Cline of Rochester was stopped on 04/24/11 at 1:15a.m.  The report indicates Cline’s vehicle was clocked travelling over the posted speed limit on Route 29.  A subsequent investigation into the stop resulted in the arrest of Cline for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol.

*A vehicle which was stopped on 04/30/11 at 1:45p.m. due to a registration sticker being expired resulted in the arrest of the driver of the vehicle due to an outstanding warrant.  Toni Hickey of Springfield was arrested due to a warrant having been issued by Menard County authorities.


Criminal Reports

Assault – 1; Battery – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 1; Deceptive Practices – 1; Domestic Battery – 2;  Warrant Arrests – 3

Traffic Related Incidents

Accident Investigations – 1; DUI – 3; Illegal Transportation of Alcohol – 1; No Drivers License – 4; No Registration – 4; Operation of Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 13; Seat Belt Violations –13; Speeding – 44; Suspended/Revoked License – 8; Warnings for Equipment Violations – 87; Warnings for Moving Violations - 122

Calls For Service

Animal Calls – 2; Assist Other Police Depts. – 22;  Assist to Other Organizations – 22; Building/Business Checks – 90; Burglar Alarm – 2; Citizen Assist – 80;  Disturbance – 5; Domestic Trouble – 4; Extra Patrol Vacation Watches – 165; Mental Cases – 2; Motorist Assists – 20; Neighborhood Trouble – 1; Suspicious Auto – 2