*When a subject came to the police department on 02/01/16, to see about retrieving her vehicle she was informed she had active warrants for her arrest. Lisa Mulvaney, of Edinburg, was arrested on an active warrant which had been issued by Sangamon County authorities and a warrant which had been issued by Christian County authorities. She was taken to the Sangamon County Jail and released to their custody.

*An officer was sent to the Rochester Intermediate School on 02/01/16, at about 12:20p.m. The school had requested assistance dealing with a student who had reportedly become angry and stomped on a teacher’s foot. He then began running through the hallways before he was caught. The officer was told by the student’s guardian that the juvenile has had ongoing behavior issues. The guardian asked about any assistance which may be available for help with the child, therefore a report was completed and forwarded to juvenile authorities.

*On 02/03/16, at 7:40p.m., a vehicle being driven by Brittany Carron of Decatur was stopped. During the stop the officer was informed Carron didn’t have a valid license. She was issued a citation for the reported violation.

*A father of a 15-year-old male contacted the police on 02/04/16, at about 5:00p.m., reporting he had not seen nor heard from his son since early in the morning. Officers checked with the school and found the juvenile had been in school all day. They eventually located him near the river on the Lost Bridge Bike Trail. He was given a ride by officers to his father’s residence.

*A vehicle which had been parked along the road near the 600 block of Magnolia was damaged sometime prior to 02/09/16. The owner reported to the police a taillight lens had been broken and there was a hole in the dashboard above the stereo. Nothing was reported missing from the vehicle. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $200.

*After being stopped by an officer on 02/11/16, at about 11:15p.m., the driver, Rahman Henson, reportedly fled from the scene. The police report indicates the officer stopped the vehicle on Route 29 and made contact with the driver recognizing him from a previous contact. While the officer was checking on Henson’s license status Henson pulled back onto Route 29 leaving the scene at a high rate of speed. Dispatch was notified of the situation and put out a broadcast. Henson was eventually located by a Springfield officer in the 1500 block of South 8th Street. The Rochester officer went to the scene and arrested Henson. He was issued citations for allegedly: driving while revoked; fleeing or attempting to elude; and operating an uninsured vehicle.

*The owner of a business located in the 100 block of Mill Street contacted the police to report a disturbance on 02/12/16. The complainant stated a male subject came to his business to talk about a past bill. According to the complainant, the subject became very aggressive demanding payment. The subject eventually walked out and was not let back in by the owner. After speaking with the complainant the officer contacted the male subject who had come to the business. The officer told him if he returned to the property he would be trespassing as the owner stated he was no longer welcome at the business. A report was completed documenting the incident.

*Officers were sent to a residence on Edgewood Place in reference to a complaint about a juvenile drinking party on 02/14/16, at 8:15p.m. When the officers arrived they could see numerous juveniles standing just inside the residence. When they knocked on the door several juveniles took off running as one juvenile came to the door and opened the door. As the door opened officers smelled what appeared to be burnt cannabis. The officers eventually located the juvenile who was hosting the party and learned the owners of the residence were out of town. During the course of the investigation a small amount of cannabis and several bottles of alcohol were located. The owners of the residence were contacted as were the parents of the juveniles who were present. The juveniles were eventually released to adults.

*On 02/16/16, at 6:15p.m., the police were notified by a resident from Lexington Drive of a possible deceptive practices incident. The resident stated he had been trying to sell some items on Craigslist for $75. A subject who identified himself as Kevin Patton contacted the resident indicating he wanted to purchase the items. He told the seller he was in the military and in the process of moving, therefore; he needed him to ship the items to him. The seller stated he recently received a check from this person for $1450 with the account holder’s name being American Association of Petroleum Geologists. A message was sent requesting the seller to cash the check immediately, and then take $125 from the total while sending the remaining amount to the buyer via Western Union. A call was placed to the account holder and they confirmed this was a recent scam they have been dealing with for the past 2 weeks.

*Gary Tarrant of Pana was stopped on 02/18/16, at 9:50p.m. Tarrant was issued citations for allegedly driving on a suspended license and failure to provide proof of insurance.

*An officer was sent to an apartment complex in the 100 block of Mill Street in reference to a report of a suspicious person on 02/21/16, at 9:15a.m. The officer had been told an Asian male subject was seen getting into a resident’s vehicle after knocking on apartment doors. The complainant didn’t recognize the person and felt the situation should be checked. When the officer arrived he located the male subject who was sitting in another person’s truck. The male stated after a night of drinking he slept in the truck, and was now trying to locate the owner of the vehicle because he needed a ride to Springfield. The subject was given a ride to Springfield by the officer.

*A vehicle being driven by Charles Hocq of Springfield was stopped on 02/28/16, at about 7:15p.m. The officer eventually determined Hocq was allegedly driving without a license. He was ticketed for the offense and had to contact a valid driver to come retrieve the vehicle.

*On 02/29/16, a resident from the 500 block of Parkview Streets contacted the department to report he had 2 trailer ramps stolen while the trailer was parked at the mini-warehouse storage facility in Rochester. The victim was not sure when the incident occurred, but thought it had been within the last 3 weeks.

*A stop of a vehicle on 02/29/16, at 10:30a.m., resulted in the arrest of the driver, Daniel Fallin of Taylorville, for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

Criminal Reports
Aggravated Battery – 1; Burglary to Vehicle – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 1; Deceptive Practices – 2; Identity Theft – 1; Illegal Consumption of Alcohol – 1; Possession of Cannabis – 1; Theft – 2; Warrant Arrests – 2

Traffic Reports
Accident Investigations – 3; Fleeing / Attempting to Elude – 1; No Drivers License – 2; No Valid Registration – 2; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 6; Operating While Registration Suspended – 4; Speeding – 21; Suspended / Revoked Drivers – 8; Traffic Details – 2; Warnings Issued – 67

Calls for Service
Animal Related Calls – 3; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 17; Assist Other Police Agency – 30; Building / Business Checks – 35; Burglar Alarms – 12; Citizen Assists – 36; Disturbance – 2; Mischievous Conduct – 1; Missing Person – 1; Motorist Assists – 14; Neighborhood Trouble – 2; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 9; Vacation Watches -- 414