*A stop of a vehicle on 02/03/13, at about 10:30p.m.  resulted in the arrest of the driver, Lindsay Kras of Springfield.  During the stop officers were notified that Kras was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Sangamon County authorities.

*On 02/05/13, at about 10:30p.m. officers learned of an active arrest warrant on a resident which had been issued by Morgan County authorities.  Officers made contact with the subject, Nathan Follin, who was arrested and transported to the Sangamon County Jail.

*Responding to an anonymous tip, officers went to a residence on Guinevere Drive and met with the owner on 02/09/13.  According to the report, officers explained the reason for their presence and then were let into the house by the owner.  A consent search of the residence was conducted and suspected drug paraphernalia and cannabis was located.  The owner of the residence was arrested due to various alleged drug related offenses.

*On 02/10/13, at about 12:30a.m. an officer reported that he observed a vehicle commit several traffic violations while the vehicle was travelling on Cardinal Hill Road.  A stop of the vehicle was eventually conducted and the officer made contact with the driver, Travis Pierceall, of rural Rochester.  An investigation resulted in the arrest of Pierceall for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and operation of a vehicle without insurance.  A cab had to be called to transport the subject’s family home following his arrest.

*The manager of Frosty Treats reported to the police on 02/13/13, that his business had been burglarized sometime between 02/01/13 and 02/13/13. According to the manager, suspect(s) got into the business through a window and entered the garage area.  Several power tools and a battery charger were reported to have been stolen.  Value of the stolen items was estimated to be $440.

*A subject came to the police department on 02/27/13, to report a problem he had been having with an ex-employee.  The victim reported he had to fire an employee on 02/08/13.  Since that time, he had received several phone calls from this subject where the caller had threatened to harm the victim. Information regarding the origin and nature of the calls was documented and the report has been forwarded to the States Attorneys Office.

*On 03/02/13, at about 5:05p.m. a vehicle driven by Nicholas Todt of Springfield was stopped.  Prior to the stop, the officer had been informed that Todt’s drivers license was currently suspended.  Todt was cited for the alleged violation.

*The driver of a vehicle which had allegedly been speeding was stopped on 03/03/13, at 10:45p.m.  During the stop, the officer learned that the vehicle registration had been suspended.  The officer reportedly cited the driver of the vehicle, Yue Zhang of Taylorville, for the violation and had the vehicle towed.

*A resident in the 200 block of Wildrose contacted the police on 03/10/13.  He reported that someone drove through his yard and struck his fence damaging his fence.  The victim believed the incident occurred sometime during the evening on 03/09/13.  Damage to the fence was estimated at $70.

*Elizabeth Keller of Springfield was stopped on 03/17/13, at about 7:30p.m. Keller was ticketed for allegedly driving on a suspended license and for not having proof of insurance.

*A vehicle was stopped on 03/19/13, at about 5:45p.m. as the vehicle’s registered owner reportedly had a suspended drivers license.  The officer reported that the subject driving the car matched the description of the registered owner.  Following the stop of the vehicle, the officer was informed by the driver that his drivers license was suspended.  The driver, Michael Wilson, received a ticket for the alleged violation.

*A vehicle with suspended registration was stopped on 03/23/13, at about 5:30p.m.  The registered owner of the vehicle, Nicole Watson of Springfield, received a citation for the alleged suspended registration and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

*An officer reportedly recorded a vehicle speeding on Route 29 on 03/26/13, at about 11:50p.m.  The vehicle was eventually stopped on Route 29 at South Walnut Street.  The report indicates that an investigation into the stop revealed that the driver, Russell Boblitt, appeared to have been driving under the influence of alcohol.  Following the investigation, the driver was arrested for the alleged DUI violation.

*A vehicle stop on 03/28/13, at about 6:05p.m. for an alleged speeding violation resulted in the recovery of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  The subjects involved in the possession of the illegal substances were both juveniles.  They were released to parents and a report has been forwarded to the States Attorneys Office.

*A subject who resides in the 500 block of East Main reported a theft to the police on 03/31/13.  The theft appears to have occurred while the victim was away from the residence with the loss estimated to be $1500.  This disposition of this case is pending as the investigation is ongoing.

Criminal Incidents for February and March

Assault – 1; Burglary – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 1; Deceptive Practices – 1; Disorderly Conduct – 2; Drug Related Offenses3; Harassment by Telephone – 1; Theft – 5;  Warrant Arrests-1

Traffic Incidents for February and March

Accident Investigations – 3; DUI – 2; Failure to Yield – 3; Illegal Transportation of Alcohol – 1; Improper Lane Usage – 1; No Drivers License / Registration – 3; Operating Vehicle Without Insurance – 24; Other Miscellaneous Violations – 12; Revoked / Cancelled Registration – 4; Speeding – 16; Suspended / Revoked License – 6; Warnings for Equipment Violations – 143; Warnings for Moving Violations - 130

Calls for Service

Animal Calls – 7; Assist Governmental Agencies – 20; Assist Other Police Agencies – 25; Burglar Alarm – 13; Building / Business Checks – 39; Citizen Assists – 58; Disturbance – 3; Domestic Trouble – 1; Fingerprinting Duties – 6; Motorist Assists – 12; Recovered Property -3; Suspicious Persons – 1; Suspicious Vehicles – 6; Vacation Checks -195