*A vehicle stop on 01/04/12 at about 3:45p.m. resulted in the arrest of a juvenile subject for alleged possession of drug equipment.  Following the stop of the vehicle a canine search was eventually conducted.  During the search, the juvenile subject admitted he had drug equipment which he had recently used to smoke marijuana hidden under the front seat.

*An officer was patrolling on East Main Street on 01/16/12 at about 7:00p.m. when he saw 2 male subjects who appeared to be tampering with a car wash/rinse selector box in one of the car wash bays at Jostes Car Wash.  Further investigation into the incident by the officer revealed that the subjects had damaged the box.  The subjects stated they were trying to retrieve a quarter which they had placed in the box.  The situation was resolved by the subjects paying $104 in restitution for the damages.

*Officers were called to the Rochester High School at 2:15p.m. on 01/18/12 in reference to a reported fight which had taken place between two females.  Investigation into the incident revealed that a 15 year-old female student walked up behind another female student and struck her multiple times while in the school cafeteria.  The two students had been in a verbal altercation prior to the battery taking place.  A police report regarding this incident has been forwarded to the Sangamon County Juvenile Authorities.

*On 01/19/12, at 8:30p.m. an officer was sent to #1 Rocket Drive in reference to a battery that had reportedly taken place on school grounds.  The female victim reported that she had attended her son’s wrestling match at Rochester High School.  While she was attempting to leave, she was allegedly attacked by another female subject.  Reports indicate that the battery may have resulted from an ongoing domestic situation between the victim and the suspect.   Statements were gathered by the officer and due to conflicting information an arrest was not made that evening.  Reports have been forwarded to the Sangamon County States Attorney’s Office.

*A member of the Rochester First Baptist Church notified police on 01/29/12, that unknown suspect(s) had spray painted an exterior brick wall.  It appears this occurred sometime after 4:00p.m., on 01/28/12 and before 9:00a.m., on 01/29/12.  Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the police.

*A vehicle stop which occurred on 01/29/12, at about 6:30p.m. resulted in the arrest of the driver, Jodi Stewart of Tremont.  Stewart had allegedly been driving while her license was suspended.

*The following animal ordinance violations occurred in January:  01/03/12 – warning to resident on Virginia Lane for barking dogs; 01/07/12 – warning to resident on Pleasant Lane for barking dogs; 01/24/12 – warning to resident on Deercreek for barking dogs

*A vehicle was stopped on 02/13/12, at 5:20p.m. due to an expired registration sticker.  The stop eventually resulted in the arrest of the driver, Ashley Richno of Mechanicsburg, as she was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Montgomery County Authorities.

*An officer observed a vehicle in the Community Park on 02/13/12 at 8:45p.m. parked in the lot near the basketball courts.  He approached the vehicle to notify the occupants that the park was closed. When the driver of the vehicle rolled his window down the officer could smell the odor of burnt cannabis coming from inside of the vehicle.  During the investigation into the incident a female subject admitted that they had been smoking marijuana in the vehicle and the marijuana belonged to her.  A report was forwarded to the States Attorney’s Office.

*On 02/24/12, at about 8:30p.m. an officer was called to the high school as school authorities had a subject in an office who was in possession of marijuana.  The juvenile male subject was eventually arrested and taken from the school.  A report was forwarded to the juvenile authorities alleging several drug law violations.

*Dosean Harvell, of Springfield, was stopped on 02/25/12 at 12:30a.m. and ticketed for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*An officer was called to the Phillips 66 station on 02/26/12 at 11:20a.m. by an off-duty Illinois State Police Administrator.  The ISP administrator told the officer he witnessed a subject get out of a vehicle which had pulled into the station and then begin to urinate in public.  The officer who had arrived on scene made contact with the subject and the other occupants of the vehicle.  Bennie Lacy, of Springfield, was arrested for multiple violations.  Additionally, occupants of the vehicle in which he was travelling were also cited for alleged violations.

*Jennifer Blair, of Jacksonville, was stopped on 02/26/12, at 5:00p.m. and cited for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*The following animal ordinance violations occurred in February:  02/10/12 – a warning was given to a resident on Chase Haven for failure to keep animal within premises of owner.


Criminal Incidents in January / February

Aggravated Battery – 1; Battery – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 2; Criminal Defacement of Property – 1; Deceptive Practices – 1; Forgery – 1; Possession of Cannabis – 2; Possession of Drug Equipment – 3; Manufacture with Intent to Deliver – 1; Telephone Harassment – 1; Warrant Arrests – 1

Traffic Incidents in January / February

Accident Investigations – 9; Illegal Transportation of Alcohol – 2; Miscellaneous Violations – 4; No Drivers License – 4; No Valid Registration – 1; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 25; Speeding – 31; Suspended / Revoked Drivers; 7; Warnings for Equipment Violations – 181; Warnings for Moving Violations – 149

Calls for Service January / February

Animal Related Calls – 8; Assist Other Police Agency – 32; Assist Other Agency – 25; Burglar Alarm – 10; Business Checks – 119; Citizen Assists – 101; Curfew – 2; Domestic Trouble – 2; Mischievous Conduct – 1; Motorist Assists – 17; Neighborhood Trouble – 1; Suspicious Person – 3; Suspicious Vehicle – 7; Vacation Watch Checks -- 704