*On 07/03/13, an officer was sent to a residence in the 100 block of Willow Road as the complainant had called stating her 52 year-old mother was missing.  The officer met with the complainant at about 11:00p.m. and learned that her mother had been missing since5:00p.m. on 07/02/13.   The complainant had become concerned because her mother hadn’t taken her medication with her, she was possibly going to meet with a person who recently had some mental issues, and she had turned off her cell phone.  After talking with other family members, contacting several other police agencies and checking with the subject’s cell phone carrier the officer eventually obtained a possible location in Iowa for the female. An officer from Burlington, Iowa made contact with the female and reported everything appeared to be alright.  The female was instructed to contact her daughter in Rochester.

*A check on the welfare of a pedestrian walking along Route 29 on 07/08/13, at about4:00p.m., resulted in the arrest of the pedestrian when officers learned he was wanted on a warrant.  Richard Ritz, of Springfield, was walking from Springfield to Edinburg when officers made contact with him while he was in Rochester.  Officers were planning to help him get to his destination; however, they were informed he was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Montgomery County authorities.  Ritz was taken to the Sangamon County Jail.

*A vehicle which was stopped on 07/09/13, at 5:25p.m., due to a reported registration violation resulted in the arrest of the driver, Scott Clemons of Springfield, for allegedly driving with a suspended license.  He was also issued other citations for allegedly driving without insurance and the registration violation.

*While checking on a reported suspicious vehicle travelling on Oak Hill Road on 07/11/13, at3:30p.m., an officer observed a subject picking up mail from the roadway.  The subject told the officer that the mail did not belong to her but appeared to have been thrown out in the area.  The officer found other pieces of mail along the road in this area.  The addresses on the envelopes corresponded with addresses in the Woodlands Subdivision.  It appears the mail was stolen from various mailboxes in the subdivision.  Victims were contacted as was the Post Master at the Rochester Post Office.  The Postal Service has assigned an inspector to investigate the situation.

*The manager of the Phillips 66 station reported to the police on 07/13/13, at about4:20p.m. that he believed an employee had been stealing from the store.  There was evidence that indicated the employee had stolen a 6 pack of beer from the business on 07/12/13.  An investigation into the matter led to the arrest of Matthew Crowder, of Springfield, for the alleged theft.

*A resident of the 100 block of Willow Road had her tires slashed sometime between10:00p.m. on 07/14/13, and 3:00p.m. on 07/15/13.  The incident occurred while the vehicle was parked in her driveway.  Both passenger side tires had been damaged.

*Officers and EMS personnel responded to the Lost Bridge Bike Trail at West Main and Route 29 on 07/17/13, at about 4:15p.m. due to a report of a missing person.  An officer met with the complainant and learned that the complainant could not locate his 46 year-old son named Michael.  The officer was told that Michael was autistic and unable to communicate verbally with anyone.  They had been riding together on the trail, but Michael had gone ahead of his father with instructions to wait for him at the watering station on the trail.  The two have ridden the trail numerous times and this was common; however, Michael had not waited for him today.  He began searching for him but was not able to locate him.  The responding units along with help from other agencies began conducting a search of the area.  Michael was eventually located by EMS personnel at about 6:00p.m., as he was walking in the area of Cardinal Hill Road and Johnson Road (his bicycle, a red older style Schwinn was never located).  He was treated for heat related issues before being transported by ambulance to the hospital.  Michael was later released and is doing fine.  The Rochester Police Department would like to thank EMS personnel, Sangamon County Deputies and Dispatchers, and the personnel from the other agencies who helped with the search.

*A vehicle traveling on Route 29 on 07/23/13, at about 5:30p.m. was stopped.  The driver, Karolyn Arnold of Taylorville, was cited for allegedly driving while her license was suspended.

*Robert Tobin, of Taylorville, was stopped on 07/23/13, at about 9:00p.m. for an alleged equipment violation.  Tobin was eventually arrested for allegedly driving with a suspended license.

*Officers were sent to 6 Willimantic on 07/25/13,  at about 9:30p.m.  Dispatch reported that a female subject was down and not breathing.  Officers and EMS personnel arrived on scene and declared that the subject had died.  The coroner’s office was called and personnel surveyed the scene.  At that time it appeared to all on scene that the death was not a result of foul play.  However, an autopsy conducted at a later date revealed that death was a result of a homicide.  A multi-agency investigation has been launched and is ongoing.  The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department is the lead agency conducting the investigation.

*A vehicle driven by Joshua Nelson of Springfield was stopped on 07/28/13, at about2:30a.m., for an alleged improper turn.  As the officer had contact with Nelson he reported smelling what he believed to be marijuana.  During a search of the vehicle the officer found a plastic bag which contained a substance believed to be marijuana, along with items which were reported to be drug paraphernalia.  A report has been forwarded to the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office.

*On 07/29/13, at 8:05p.m., a vehicle being driven by Michael Lamb of Springfield was stopped for a reported expired registration violation.  Lamb was cited for the alleged violation along with allegedly driving on a suspended license and failure to provide proof of insurance.

Criminal Incidents

Battery – 2; Burglary from Motor Vehicle – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 2; Murder – 1; Possession of Cannabis – 1; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – 1; Retail Theft—1; Theft – 1; Warrant Arrests – 1

Traffic Incidents

Accident Investigations – 2; Illegal Transportation of Alcohol – 1; No Drivers License – 5; No Registration – 4; Operation of Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 8; Speeding – 15; Suspended / Revoked Drivers License – 3; Warnings – 86

Calls for Service

Animal related calls – 3; Assist other Police Agency – 14; Assist Government Agency – 3; Building / Business Check – 31;  Burglar Alarm – 6; Citizen Assist – 48; Domestic Trouble – 1; Mischievous Conduct – 1; Missing Person – 2; Motorist Assists – 6; Noise Complaints – 2; Suspicious Auto / Person – 4; Vacation Checks -- 79