*A vehicle being driven by Haiden Fox of Taylorville was stopped on 05/03/16, at 6:00p.m.  An investigation into the stop revealed Fox was allegedly driving on a suspended driver’s license.  He was issued citations for the reported suspension and for allegedly driving without insurance.

*Adeola Babington of Springfield was stopped on 05/06/16, at about 6:00p.m.  She was issued a citation for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

 *On 05/07/16, an Officer made a vehicle stop on a subject as he reported the vehicle had an equipment violation.  The driver of the vehicle was identified as Jeremy Key of Decatur.  Key was arrested for allegedly driving while his license was revoked.  He was given a written warning for the equipment violation.

*The mother of a young female contacted the police on 05/12/16, to report her daughter was battered by several other females while playing in a church playground area.  The victim had some redness in her upper arm area.  Although the mother didn’t know the names of the other girls, an officer eventually made contact with 3 other young females who had been involved in the incident.  The parents of all the children were spoken to in an effort to resolve the problem. 

*Adam Wingo, of Tovey, was stopped on 05/17/16, at 7:30p.m.  Wingo was issued a ticket for allegedly driving on a revoked driver’s license. 

*Officers were sent to a residence in the 300 block of West Main Street on 05/19/16, at approximated 12:10a.m.  Officers were sent to the residence due to a reported domestic disturbance.  During the course of the investigation, a female subject reported that the male subject she went into the male roommate’s bedroom to remove the dogs from the room.  She said that the male woke up and began to yell at her, then grabbed her and pushed her into the wall.  The male subject, who was identified as David McGuire, was eventually arrested on domestic battery charges. 

*A vehicle which reportedly drove onto the shoulder of the road before returning was stopped on 05/30/16, at about 3:15a.m.  The driver of the vehicle, Brandon Ott of Springfield, told the officer he veered off the road as he was adjusting his phone.  When the officer checked Ott’s driver’s license status he was told Ott’s license was suspended.  He was issued a ticket for the alleged violation. 

*A vehicle was stopped on 05/31/16, at about 9:0015a.m., for reportedly travelling 42 miles per hour in a 30 zone.  A stop of the vehicle was conducted and the officer reported the driver of the vehicle, Dolan Wort of Pewauked, Wisconsin, was allegedly driving on a suspended license.  Wort was ticketed for the violation.

*Carlton Coleman of Springfield, was stopped on 05/23/16, at 7:50p.m.  The officer reported Coleman had made an illegal change which resulted in the stop.  During the stop the officer was told that Coleman was driving on a suspended license.  He was ticketed for the alleged offense.

*A vehicle which was stopped on 06/01/16, at 11:50a.m., resulted in the arrest of the driver, Julia Galluzzio, for reportedly driving while her license was suspended.  She was also issued a citation for an alleged insurance violation.

*On 06/02/16, an Officer noted he clocked a vehicle going 41 miles per hour in a 30 zone on West Main Street.  The vehicle was eventually stopped on Melody Drive.  The officer reported there were 4 teenagers in the vehicle.  After talking with the teens, two of them admitted they had consumed alcohol.  The two were cited for illegal consumption of alcohol.  All of them were eventually released to parents. 

*Officers were sent to the 100 block of Mill Street in response to a report of several juveniles in a fight.  The officer arrived and made contact with 4 juveniles who had been in a fight.  Another male juvenile was seen running from the scene and reportedly had a large knife in his waistband.  This subject was eventually caught by officers who also located a knife a short distance from where he was apprehended.  When questioned, the juvenile admitted the knife was his and said he carries the knife for protection.  The report was forwarded to the juvenile authorities for further processing. 

*A resident in the 400 block of South Walnut had a tree which had recently been planted damaged.  Several branches had been ripped off the tree and were on the ground.  Although there are no suspects at this time, the victim stated several neighborhood kids are constantly running through his yard.  The tree was valued at $300. 

*On 06/13/16, a resident reported her car had been damaged while it had been parked in a driveway at a friend’s house on Penacook.  She parked the vehicle there the night of 06/12/16, and found that a rear tire had been punctured when she went to get into the car the next morning.  The damage was estimated at $75. 

*Officers were sent to an address on Penacook on 06/13/16, at 3:00p.m., in regards to a domestic disturbance.  Officers arrived and found a mother and her 16 year-old son arguing.  The teenager had told dispatch he was being kicked out the house by his mother.  Officers arranged for the teenager to go stay with a family friend until the situation could be resolved.

*A missing person report was taken on 06/22/16.  A 15 year-old subject called the police at 9:00p.m., stating she had not seen her mother since 8:30a.m.  The reporting officer met with the teenager and collected the information needed for the report.  At 5:30p.m., on 06/23/16, the subject was located. 




Criminal Reports

Battery – 1; Domestic Battery – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 1; Criminal Damage to Poperty – 3; Criminal Sexual Abuse – 1; Disorderly Conduct – 1; Identity Theft – 2; Illegal Consumption of Alcohol – 1; Possession of Cannabis – 1; Possession of Drug Equipment – 1; Telephone Harassment – 1; Theft Over $500 – 1

Traffic Reports 

Accident Investigations – 10; Failure to Reduce Speed – 2; Improper Use of Registration – 1; No Child Restraint – 1; No Drivers License – 2; No Valid Registration – 4; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 13; Speeding – 32; Squealing of Tires – 1; Suspended / Revoked Drivers – 11; Traffic Detail – 4; Warnings Issued – 113


Calls for Service

Animal Related Calls – 16; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency –  41; Assist Other Police Agency – 48; Building / Business Checks – 53; Burglar Alarms – 20; Citizen Assists – 152;  Disturbance – 7; Domestic Trouble – 5; Lost / Found Articles – 1; Missing Person – 2; Motorist Assists – 23; Neighborhood Trouble – 6; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 25; Vacation Watches -- 189