November 2017 Police Beat

A local business contacted an officer in reference to a theft of services. Hoy Copelin of Taylorville wrote a check on September 13th to the business for services rendered. The check was allegedly returned for insufficient funds. The business contacted Copelin several times and was told by Copelin “he would have the money to them by tomorrow”. Copelin was given a deadline of October 17th. As of November 1st, payment was never made. A report was generated and forwarded to the States Attorney’s Office.

Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of E. Mill for a domestic dispute on November 2nd. A neighbor called police after witnessing two males in a car yelling at a female who was crying. The driver of the vehicle was angry with his girlfriend for making him wait on her in the car. When she tried to talk to him, he told her to get off his car and allegedly hit the accelerator to intimidate her. The male also threatened the neighbor. He told the officer he was afraid the neighbor was going to harm him because the neighbor approached him. The boyfriend agreed to not go back to the scene. A report was generated.

A resident of Katie Lane contacted police at 6:17 am on November 3rd in reference to a suspicious individual. The individual had rang the doorbell and banged on the front door of the residence before going back to his vehicle which he had moved in front of the residence. He sat in his vehicle for several minutes before leaving. The individual was described as black male in a blue shirt with braids or dreads. The male was driving an older dark SUV similar to a Ford Explorer. The male only approached the one residence and was not seen by any other vehicles. At 8:20 am, the same resident notified police his vehicle was parked on the road and was hit sometime in the night or early morning. His vehicle was parked on the street facing south directly in front of his residence. There was damage to the front bumper on the driver’s side. There was a blue/green paint transfer apparent on the vehicle. He believes the male from earlier and the accident may have been related. However, no contact information was left at the scene. A report was generated.

An officer initiated a stop on November 3rd after running a license plate revealing the registered owner of the vehicle was suspended. Jessica Day of Springfield was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured vehicle. A valid driver drove from the scene.

After running a license plate though the in-car computer, an officer initiated a stop on November 3rd for the registered owner showing as having a suspended driver’s license. Seth Manning of Rochester was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured vehicle.

On November 4th, an officer was dispatched to the 1600 block of Appalachian Trail to check on the welfare of a 6 year old who was allegedly left home alone to care for herself while her grandparents were at work and the mom was no where to be found. The child was at the residence along with her brother and cousin, who was babysitting them. The cousin was 15 years old, the residence was clean and the children were in good spirits. The grandparents were contacted at work and made aware of the complaint. The officer spoke with the complainant and explained the child appeared to be well taken care of. The incident was documented.

An officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Pleasant Ln. in reference to a neighbor dispute on November 7th. The resident stated she spoke with her neighbor about parking by her mailbox and repeatedly asked them to stay off of her property; she had put up a no parking sign. Shortly after the sign was ripped up and snapped in half. Recently, someone piled leaves on her property and a section of fence was bent and unhooked from the rest of the fence. She believes her neighbor is responsible for the piled up leaves, the broken fence and the previous incident with the sign. The officer spoke with the neighbor, who denied any involvement on all accounts. He stated he was unaware there was a problem but agreed to stay off of her property. The incident was documented.

On November 9th, an officer contacted a resident of the 100 block of E. Mill St. after receiving a complaint that he constantly open burns on weekdays. The resident was unaware of the village ordinance and stated he would be compliant moving forward.

An officer was notified of a disturbance in the 100 block of N. Walnut on November 9th at approximately 4:35 pm. A female was arguing with her ex-boyfriend and his friend. She had pulled over and called 911. She stated the males exited the vehicle and threw a soda at her car. She was given information on how to obtain an order of protection. The officer spoke with the males and informed them not to further contact the female. After running the individuals through the in-car computer, it was discovered one of the males had an active Sangamon County Warrant for failure to appear on larceny. Zane Merreign of Rochester was arrested for the warrant and transported to Sangamon County Jail.

A local business was receiving scam phone calls on November 10th. The individual calling the business stated he was from Ameren and there was a problem with their payment. He stated they would be turning off the power in 45 minutes unless they fixed the problem. The officer informed the business this was possibly a scam. Usually, Ameren will give notices by mail first if the payment is behind.

On November 12th, an officer was dispatched to the 100 block of E. Mill in reference to a disturbance. When the officer arrived three males were in a heated argument. One of the males, a neighbor, had intervened because he believed the other two were going to batter a juvenile, who had fled the scene prior to the officer’s arrival. The neighbor stated the argument never got physical. The officer issued a no trespass order as requested by the neighbor. As the officer was leaving, the juvenile arrived back on scene. The juvenile stated he believes if the neighbor didn’t step in he would have been hurt severely. The juvenile was informed on how to obtain an order of protection and told to speak with his parents about whether or not he wanted to press charges. A report was generated.

On November 16th, an officer was contacted by a resident who was concerned his child was selling drugs at school. The father handed the officer a knife, lighter and a clear plastic bag containing pills. The juvenile stated he didn’t have the knife at school; he needed it after school. He did admit to selling drugs on school grounds but would not state who purchased them. The medication was confiscated and a report was generated and forwarded to Sangamon County Juvenile Probation. Rochester High School was notified of this investigation and is taking disciplinary actions.

On November 17th, an officer initiated a stop on a vehicle when the registration came back on the in-car computer as being suspended. Thomas Hayes of Rochester was cited for allegedly operating a vehicle while the registration is suspended. Jostes towed the vehicle.

On November 18th, a stop was made after the officer ran a registration on the in-car computer and discovered the registered owner was revoked. Andrew Heberling of Tayorville was arrested for allegedly driving while license revoked and transported to the Sangamon County Jail.

On November 18th, an officer ran the registration of a vehicle through his in-car computer which came back with the registered owner of the vehicle being suspended. Alexander Clayborne of Springfield was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended. A valid driver drove from the scene.

Officers responded to the Rochester Junior High School on November 20th after a student turned in ammunition to an administrator. The junior and senior high schools were placed under a soft lockdown for approximately ninety minutes. During this time, Rochester Police Department, Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office and staff from the Rochester Schools completed a thorough search of the premises, lockers and large carrying items. The search yielded no additional ammunition or weapons. Rochester Police Department remained on campus for the remainder of the day. A report was generated.

An officer was dispatched to the 300 block of Park St. in reference to a harassing phone call on November 20th. The resident explained a year ago he purchased security software. He didn’t remember the name of the company but stated he was contacted by a restricted number stating the company was going out of business and was going to refund his money. The transfer was going to be divided in two installments. While completing the first transfer, the resident accidently typed the wrong amount. The company advised if he didn’t send the money back, he would be charged with fraud. The restricted number called several times and it appeared the caller had control of the resident’s computer and was able to see all of the banking information. He was advised to shut down the computer, not to answer the calls and contact his financial institution. A report was generated.

An officer was dispatched to Parkview Dr. in reference to a burn ordinance violation on November 22nd. The fire was located behind the suspected residence on Pleasant Ln. The officer spoke with the resident, explained the ordinance and asked him to extinguish the fire.

An officer initiated a stop on a vehicle in which the registration revealed a suspended registered owner. On November 23rd, Robert Clay of Taylorville was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended. A valid driver drove from the scene.

An officer was contacted on November 23rd by a resident who explained his 15 year old son had taken his vehicle without permission and damaged it. The juvenile admitted to driving the vehicle and was issued a citation for driving without a license. A report was generated for the motor vehicle theft and criminal damage; it is being forwarded to the Juvenile Probation Center.

On November 25th, an officer made a stop on a vehicle that had a suspended registration and showed the registered owner as revoked. Melissa Krouse of Taylorville was arrested for allegedly driving while license was revoked and transported to the Sangamon County Jail.

An officer informed a resident of the 200 block of E. Mill of the village burn ordinance on November 28th. The fire was extinguished by the homeowner.


Criminal Reports 

Arrest on Warrant – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 1; Deceptive Practices – 1; Delivery or Possession with Intent to Deliver – 1; Harassment by Telephone – 1; Motor Vehicle Theft – 1; Theft of Services – 1


Traffic Reports 

Accident Investigations – 2; Hit and Run – 1; No Driver’s License – 2; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 3; Revoked / Cancelled Registration – 2; Speeding – 7; Suspended / Revoked Drivers License – 12; Warnings Issued – 30

Calls for Service

Animal Related Calls – 9; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 3; Assist Fire Department – 8; Assist Other Police Agency – 22; Assist Schools – 16; Building / Business Checks – 3; Burglar Alarms – 11; Citizen Assists – 18; Civil Assists – 1; Disturbance – 3; Domestic Trouble – 2; Lost or Recovered Articles – 1; Motorist Assists – 4; Neighborhood Trouble – 1; Ordinance Violations – 3; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 7; Vacation Watches – 42