Police Beat


    *On 01/01/11, at about 11:00p.m., while conducting a business check an officer found that a vending machine which was located in front of the Village Market had been broken into.  The machine was damaged and the coin box was missing.  The total loss was reported to be $370.00.

    *William Bacon of Springfield was stopped on 01/09/11 at about 6:15p.m. The officer reported the vehicle Bacon was driving was stopped due to an equipment violation.  A check of Bacon’s driver’s license revealed his license was currently suspended.

    *On 01/17/11, at about 2:30a.m. an officer was sent to check on a report of a slumped driver on Route 29 just north of town.  The officer located the vehicle and eventually made contact with the driver, who was identified as Heath Bilyeu of Assumption.  Based on the investigation which followed the driver was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

    *A vehicle stop conducted on 01/19/11 at 5:25p.m. resulted in the arrest of the driver, Andrew Kent of Springfield.  Kent had been stopped for an alleged speeding violation and a check of his driver’s license indicated he was wanted on a warrant. The warrant had been issued by Mason County authorities.

    *At 8:30a.m. on 01/27/11, an officer was sent to the Rochester High School in reference to a report of a student being in possession of cannabis.  The officer met with school administrators and was given a plastic bag which contained what appeared to be cannabis.  The student was eventually arrested and taken to the Rochester Police Department.  A report has been forwarded to the Sangamon County Juvenile Authorities.

    *The driver of a vehicle who was originally stopped for a reported equipment violation was eventually arrested for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol.  The driver, who was identified as Tracey Sidles of Springfield, had been travelling northbound on Route 29 on 01/27/11, at about 6:45p.m.  As officers made contact with Sidles they reported he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.  He was eventually arrested and cited for the alleged DUI and driving without a valid license.

    *Warren Duncan, of Springfield, was stopped for an alleged equipment violation on 01/29/11 at about 4:50p.m.  As officers spoke to Duncan concerning the violation, he informed the officers that he was currently driving on a suspended license.

    Criminal Incidents:

    Battery – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 2; Harassment by Telephone – 1; Identity Theft –1; Possession of Cannabis – 1; Theft from Coin Operated Machine –1; Warrant Arrest –1

    Traffic Related Incidents:

    Accident Investigations – 5; DUI – 2; Improper Backing – 1; Improper Use of Registration – 1; No Valid Driver’s License – 2; No Valid Registration – 4; Operation of Uninsured Vehicle – 27; Operation While Registration Suspended – 2; Revoked/Cancelled Registration – 2; Speeding – 33; Suspended/Revoked License – 8; Warnings Issued – 175


    *A vehicle being driven by Robert Ward of Springfield was stopped on 12/03/10 at 10:15a.m.  While issuing  Ward a citation for an alleged insurance violation officers were informed that he was driving on a revoked license.

    *Christopher Cantrall of Springfield was arrested by officers on 12/03/10 at about 2:20p.m.  Officers had stopped Cantrall for allegedly driving on a suspended license and during the course of the stop learned that he was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Sangamon County authorities.

    *On 12/07/10, a report was received by the police from a resident of the Maplehurst Subdivision reference a television set being from their front porch.  The victim reported that while he was out of town a television was delivered by UPS and placed on the front porch on 12/04/10.  When the victim returned home and checked on the status of the television he learned it had been delivered and now was missing.  It appears the theft of the television occurred sometime between 1:00p.m. on 12/04/10 and 5:00a.m. on 12/05/10.

    *Officers were called to a residence in the 200 block of Mill Street on 12/09/10 reference a report of a domestic disturbance.  Officers arrived at the residence at about 9:20p.m.  They met with the parties involved and learned that the married couple residing together at the house have had ongoing problems.  When the male subject was told that his wife wanted a divorce he reportedly began breaking items in the residence.  Both parties were separated for the evening.

    *On 12/13/10, an officer was sent to a residence in the 400 block of Pleasant Lane in reference to a report of a stolen vehicle.  As the officer was approaching the residence he observed a vehicle travelling on Oak Street without the headlights functioning.  The officer caught up to this vehicle and saw that it matched the description of the vehicle which had been reported as stolen.  A stop of this vehicle was conducted and the driver, a male juvenile, was taken into custody.  According to the report, an argument had taken place earlier in the evening between the suspect and another family member over cigarettes.  Witnesses stated that suspect grabbed the keys to the car and left with the vehicle.  The 15 year-old suspect was ticketed for allegedly driving without a license and then released into his mother’s custody as he did not have enough points to be taken to the juvenile detention center.  A report has been forwarded to the Sangamon County Juvenile Authorities.

    *A vehicle being driven by Stephen Little was stopped on 12/19/10 at about 1:00a.m. for an alleged equipment violation.  According to the report, Little admitted to officers that his license had been suspended.

    *The driver of a vehicle which was stopped on 12/19/10 at 8:55a.m. for an alleged speeding violation was eventually ticketed for allegedly driving on a suspended driver’s license.  During the course of the stop officers were informed that the driver, John Nichols of Lincoln, did not have a valid driver’s license.  He was ticketed for multiple violations.

    *On 12/20/10, at 1:50a.m. officers were sent to a resident on Taft Drive.  Officers were advised of a medical problem at the address involving a 21 year old male subject.  Officers arrived at the residence and found the subject lying on the basement floor.  He was unconscious with labored breathing.  Rochester Emergency Medical Personnel arrived shortly after the officers had and began performing life-saving measures on the subject.  During the course of the investigation, officers were told the male subject had over-dosed on heroin.  The subject, who had been visiting a friend who lived at the residence, was transported to St John’s Hospital.

    Criminal Incidents

    Burglary—1; Deceptive Practices—1; Domestic Battery—1; Motor Vehicle Theft—1; Theft—1; Warrant Arrest—1

    Traffic Incidents

    Accident Investigations—7; Improper Lane Uasge—1; No Drivers License—3; No Registration—1; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle—13; Speeding—25; Suspended/Revoked Drivers—6; Warnings—53

    Calls for Service

    Animal Related Calls—3; Burglar Alarm—1; Business Checks—41; Curfew Violation—1; Citizen Assist—17; Disturbances—2;  Domestic Trouble—6;  Mischievous Conduct—1;  Motorist Assists—21; Suspicious Person—1; Suspicious Vehicle—3; Vacation Watch Checks—245


    *On 10/01/10, officers took numerous reports from residents of the Camelot Subdivision in reference to eggs having been thrown at vehicles.  Approximately 8 vehicles which had been parked at various locations in the subdivision had been struck with eggs.  There was no permanent damage done to any of the vehicles.

    *A burglary to a motor vehicle occurred sometime during the late evening hours of 10/01/10 or the early morning hours of 10/02/10.  The vehicle had been parked in the resident’s driveway in the 1000 block of Heathrow.  Suspect(s) entered the unlocked truck and removed the following items:  Jensen Stereo System; $40 in cash; and a 10 inch Rockford Fosgate Sub woofer.  The total loss was estimated at $500.

    *A Sangamon County Deputy and a Rochester officer were sent to a domestic disturbance in the 400 block of Pleasant Lane on 10/04/10 at about 1:45a.m.  Officers had been informed that a subject named Bryan Short was at the residence and the Springfield Police Department was looking for Short in reference to an alleged domestic violence incident which had occurred in Springfield.  Officers located Short at the residence and informed him he was under arrest.  According to police reports, a scuffle between Short and the officers occurred and Short had to be tased as officers attempted to place him in custody.  He was then handcuffed and taken to the Sangamon County Jail.

    *A vehicle driven by a Luttrell Walker of Springfield was stopped on 10/09/10, at about 6:30p.m.  Walker was stopped due to an alleged speeding violation.  During the course of the stop Walker was also cited for allegedly driving on a suspended license and failure to provide insurance.

    *Demarco Burnes of Lebanon was driving a vehicle which was stopped on 10/10/10 at 1:15a.m.  Dispatch informed officers that Burnes driving license was currently suspended.

    *A resident in the 500 block of Mill Street called the police on 10/16/10.  The resident reported that some type of explosive device had been set off in her mailbox.  The explosion damaged her mailbox.

    *On 10/19/10, at about 3:50p.m., officers were informed by dispatch that a subject driving a black Pontiac was northbound on Route 29 after allegedly driving away from a gas station in Taylorville without paying for gasoline.  Officer observed a vehicle matching this description at the intersection of Route 29 and Cardinal Hill Road.  The vehicle was stopped and the driver admitted he had failed to pay for the gasoline.  Arrangements were made with authorities from Christian County for the handling of this matter.

    *A vehicle stopped on 10/23/10, at 5:05p.m. was being driven by a Thomas Hassen of rural Rochester.  During the course of the stop officers learned that Hassen was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Morgan County Authorities.  He was arrested and taken to the Sangamon County Jail.

    *Donald Smith of Mechanicsburg was arrested on 10/23/10 at about 10:15p.m.  Smith had been stopped as officers learned he was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Christian County Authorities.

    *Alan Yonkers of Springfield was stopped by police on 10/24/10, at about 6:40p.m.  Yonkers was issued two citations as a result of the stop.  He was cited for allegedly operating a motor vehicle without insurance and for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

    *A vehicle stop conducted on 10/28/10 at about 3:45p.m. resulted in the arrest of the driver, Toby Clemons of Springfield.  Clemons was allegedly driving on a suspended driver’s license.

    *On 10/30/10, at about 9:15p.m. officers were sent to the Woodlands Subdivision in reference to a report of a suspicious person.  Dispatched advised the officers that this suspicious person was seen walking through various backyards in the subdivision.  When officers arrived on the scene they observed a red truck parked along the side of the road.  They observed a male subject sitting in the vehicle.  This subject matched the description of the suspicious person which had been reported.  Further investigation into the incident resulted in the arrest of Alex Haire of Rochester for an alleged Illegal Consumption of Alcohol.

    *A Willis Ware of Chicago was stopped on 11/02/10 at 11:50a.m.  Officers learned that Ware was allegedly driving on a suspended license after stopping him for an expired registration.

    *An officer was dispatched to 120 South Cardinal Hill Road on 11/08/10, to take a theft report.  The address is where the new Rochester Middle School is located.  The police were advised by a construction foreman that when he arrived for work he found that a trailer had been stolen from the construction site.  This trailer was described as a 7’ by 16’ enclosed trailer that was used for storing tools.  It appears sometime between 11/05/10 and 11/08/10, suspect(s) hooked up to the trailer and removed it from the site.  The loss of the trailer and contents was estimated at $8500.00.

    *Antonio Kidd of Springfield was cited for allegedly driving on a suspended license after being stopped on 11/29/10 at 12:30p.m.


    Criminal Incidents

    Assault:  2; Burglary from Vehicle:  4; Criminal Damage to Property:  3; Possession of Cannabis:  1;  Resisting/Obstructing a Police Officer:  1; Theft:  4; Warrant Arrests:  3

    Calls for Service

    Animal Calls: 6;  Assistance Rendered Civil Nature:  15;  Burglar Alarm: 18;  Business / Building Check: 128;  Citizen Assist: 3;  Disturbance: 7;  Mental Cases: 2;  Mischievous Conduct: 3;  Motorist Assist: 28;  Neighborhood Trouble: 1;  Suspicious Person: 4;  Suspicious Vehicle: 3;  Vacation Watch:  368

    Traffic Related Incidents

    Accident Investigations:  4;  DUI: 2;  Illegal Transportation of Alcohol: 2;  No Valid Drivers License: 2;  Operating Uninsured Vehicle: 44;  Registration Violations: 10;  Seat Belt Violations: 5;  Speeding: 72;  Suspended/Revoked License: 12;  Various Violations: 8;  Warnings: 209

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