Rochester Police Beat January 2017

*Police were called on 01/01/17, at 7:55p.m., in reference to a disturbance between two neighbors. The complainant, who resides in the 200 block of East Main, reported a neighbor who lives in the 200 block of Mill Street had come over to their house yelling and swearing at them and accusing them of starting trouble. The complainant commented that the neighbor appeared to be highly intoxicated at the time. After speaking with the complainant, the officer went and spoke with the neighbor. The neighbor, who was reportedly intoxicated and very emotional, was told she was not welcome on the complainant’s property.

*On 01/03/17, at about 11:40p.m., an officer made contact with Nicole Manley of Edinburg after learning there was a warrant issued for her arrest by Christian County authorities. Manley was arrested due to the valid warrant and was cited for allegedly driving while her license was suspended.

*An officer reported stopping a vehicle after he observed several traffic violations including allegedly weaving in traffic on 01/07/17, at about 12:50a.m. An investigation into the stop resulted in the arrest of the driver, Travis Staab of Edinburg, for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol.

*Officers responded to a reported domestic battery incident on 01/08/17, at about 4:15a.m. The complainant, who resides on Taft Drive, called 911 requesting officers to respond as his granddaughter had been battered at his house by her boyfriend. Officers arrived and located the suspect, Marcus Blakely, in the basement of the house. After being told he had struck and choked the victim, officers arrested Blakely for the alleged domestic battery. He was taken to the Sangamon County Jail.

*On 01/17/17, at 1:30a.m., officers were sent to a residence in the 100 block of Mill Street to check on the welfare of a female subject who had threatened suicide. Officers reported they arrived and found the female in her vehicle which was parked in the garage with the engine running. After speaking with the subject and her relatives, it was decided she would be transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

*A vehicle which was stopped for a reported speeding violation on 01/18/17, at 3:50a.m., resulted in the arrest of the driver for allegedly driving while her license was suspended. The driver, who was identified as Myisha Wells of Springfield, received multiple citations for the alleged violations.

*A vehicle was stopped on 01/18/17, at 12:45p.m., for a reported equipment violation. During the stop the officer learned that the driver, Trevor Thompson of Pana, was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Jackson County authorities. Thompson was taken to the Sangamon County Jail and released to their custody.

*After receiving a call from the Assistant Principal Cassie Carey on 01/19/17, an officer went to the high school in reference to a report of a student possibly selling prescription medication to another student. The officer was told that while a school administrator was investigating a theft incident which had occurred in the locker room she came across information indicating a student was trying to buy adderall from another student. The officer spoke with the student and his parents at the police department. Further action is pending.

*As an officer was patrolling in the Woodlands Subdivision on 01/23/17, at 2:40a.m., he noticed a young female who was running along the road. Due to the circumstances, he made contact with the person who told the officer she was fine and had decided to go for a late night jog. The officer then noticed the female got into a vehicle which had been parked on the side of the road and drove away. He stopped the vehicle as he reported the taillights on the vehicle were not working. During the stop the officer learned the driver was a 15 year-old juvenile who had taken her parent’s car without their knowledge. The parents were contacted and the minor was released to their custody.

*On 01/23/17, at 10:30a.m., an officer received a phone call from the Assistant Principal at the high school. She reported a 16 year-old student had come to school smelling of burnt cannabis. The school was seeking assistance from the police department in dealing with the incident. An officer went to the school and spoke with the juvenile and her mother. The juvenile, who reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana, was also found to be in possession of Xanax, according to school authorities. A report has been forwarded to the juvenile authorities.

*Officers were sent to a residence in the 100 block of Water Street on 01/23/17, at 8:15p.m., in reference to a domestic disturbance. When officers arrived they met with the complainant who advised she and her daughter’s father had gotten into an argument. She reported she was concerned for her safety due to comments which had been made by the child’s father. After speaking with both parties, the incident was documented and they were advised to speak with their attorneys.

*Officers met with a subject who resides in the Oak Mill Estates Subdivision on 01/26/17, at 6:00p.m. He wanted to report that he had numerous items stolen from his residence. The items which he reported as stolen included jewelry and clothes; which totaled in excess of $500. The complainant told officers he was sure that a recent house guest was the person responsible for committing the theft. Officers made contact with the guest who admitted he had been staying at the complainant’s home; however, left due to the situation. He claimed he had been given items by the complainant which he then pawned. The matter is pending as further information is being sought.

*A former resident came to the police department on 01/26/17, at about 8:00p.m., to report that his grandmother had been battered earlier in the evening. The victim told police his grandmother and he had taken his children to their mother’s house which is located on Wildrose Street. He admitted while his grandmother and he were in the residence he asked the children’s mother a question which angered her. He reported that as his grandmother and he were leaving the residence the mother slammed the door striking his grandmother in the back. The officer spoke with all parties before forwarding a report to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Criminal Reports

Assault – 1; Battery – 1; Child Pornography – 1; Domestic Battery – 1; Identity Theft – 1; Obstructing Justice – 1; Possession of Controlled Substance – 1; Possession of Marijuana – 1; Telephone Harassment – 1; Theft – 1; Warrant Arrests – 3

Traffic Reports 

Accident Investigations – 5; DUI – 1; Improper Lane Usage – 1; Miscellaneous Offenses – 3; No Drivers License – 1; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 1; Operating While Registration Suspended – 1; Speeding – 7; Suspended / Revoked Drivers – 3; Traffic Details – 2; Warnings Issued – 52

Calls For Service

Animal Related Calls – 6; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 17; Assist Other Police Agency – 26; Assist Schools – 16; Building / Business Checks – 16; Burglar Alarms – 9; Citizen Assists – 49; Disturbance – 1; Domestic Trouble – 3; Fingerprinting – 4; Found Articles – 2; Mental Cases – 2; Motorist Assists – 7; Neighborhood Trouble – 2; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 12; Vacation Watches -- 324