Rochester Police Beat October 2017


On October 2nd, an officer was approached by an individual concerning a theft that occurred in the Rochester Cemetery. Between September 30th and October 2nd, someone took two flower arrangements from his family members’ gravestones. A report was generated documenting the event.

On October 4th, an officer stopped a vehicle for speeding 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. During the stop, it was discovered the driver’s license was suspended. Mohammed Alhubaishi of Springfield was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and for speeding over the statutory limit. A cab transported Alhubaishi to his residence.

On October 7th, an officer initiated a stop after running a registration through the in-car computer. The return showed the registered owner of the vehicle as being suspended. Justin Miller of Stonington was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended, and for operating an uninsured motor vehicle. A valid drive drove from the scene.

On October 12th, an officer initiated a stop on a vehicle after running a registration through the in-car computer. The return showed the registration of the motor vehicle as suspended with a suspended registered owner. After initiating the stop, the officer became aware the driver was wanted on a warrant out of Sangamon County for failure to appear. Amanda Gunther of Taylorville was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended and for the suspended registration. Gunther was arrested on the active warrant and transported to Sangamon County Jail. Her vehicle was towed by Jostes Towing.

On October 14th, an officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Park St. in reference to a domestic disturbance. The homeowner stated her fiancé battered her then left in a silver Chevy. The officer noticed the vehicle at a different location. When the officer made contact with the fiancé it was discovered that the female had been in a physical altercation with another female. Witness statements and the evidence at that location were consistent with the injuries of the complainant. The fiancé stated the complainant was aggravated with him for talking with a female waitress earlier in the evening and he didn’t touch her. A report was generated documenting the incident.

On October 14, an officer was dispatched to the 300 block of Park St. in reference to a theft. The resident explained 171 1oz. silver leaf coins valued at $5,000 and a vehicle battery charger were taken from his residence. He last saw them when he checked on them in June. The victim was able to provide possible suspect information. A report was generated.

On October 15th, an officer initiated a stop after running the registration through the in-car computer and discovering the registered owner was suspended. Benjamin Neff of Springfield was cited for driving while license suspended. A valid passenger in the vehicle drove from the scene.

On October 19th, an officer was dispatched to the 300 block of Park Street to check on the welfare of a juvenile. The juvenile’s mother was arrested in Missouri on a warrant and temporary custody was given to the grandparents by Missouri’s Department of Family Services until the mother was released. A third party had been contacted by the mother from jail and asked to watch her kid. This third party believed the grandparents kidnapped the juvenile and they had been issued court orders to stay away from the juvenile. The officer discovered, after contacting numerous organizations, there were no court orders and the juvenile was being well taken care of by the grandparents. On October 20th, an agreement was met between the mother of the juvenile and the grandparents. The juvenile was to stay the weekend with her grandparents and be transported by them back to the mother on Sunday.

On October 20th, an officer was contacted by the Rochester Junior High School in reference to juvenile who became upset and pushed a teacher. The juvenile was talked to about his actions and the consequences of those actions. The school administration made contact with his grandfather to pick him up for the day.

On October 20th, an officer was contacted by a resident of Walberta concerning her neighbor’s cats. She stated there are several residing in the area that are friendly but agitate her dog and she is fearful they might get hit by a car given the close proximity to Route 29. The officer made contact with the cats’ owner and explained the complaint. The owner had two well cared for cats. He was not in violation of the animal ordinance. However, he stated he would work with his neighbor and limit the time the cats were allowed outside.

On October 21st, an officer was dispatched to Melody Dr. in reference to a hit and run to a vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was outside in her friend’s backyard when she heard a loud noise from the street. She saw a small silver car take off down the street and onto West Main. Her vehicle suffered minor damage to the front bumper. The suspect vehicle may have paint transfer on the rear bumper of the vehicle. A report was generated.

On October 23rd, Rochester High School contacted an officer about several parents in front of the Rochester Athletic Center fighting. Parents from the South East High School were in a heated verbal argument over the sign out sheet for their students. One parent decided the way another parent signed the sheet was rude and told him to apologize. When he didn’t an argument broke out between several parents where profanities were exchanged and each party felt threatened by the other. The parent pointed out as the “problem parent” had already left the scene prior to the officer’s arrival. A report was generated documenting the event.


On several occasions officers have noticed individuals have been dumping trash off in and around the dumpsters at the Rochester Community Park often overflowing them with cumbersome objects. These dumpsters are not for personal trash. Subjects responsible may be fined.


On October 23rd, an officer was contacted by a Detective from the Springfield Police Department in reference to juveniles at Rochester High School looking up inappropriate material using their school issued chromebook. He stated parents of RHS students reported their children had seen two of their peers looking up information which they believed to posed a threat to the students’ safety at the high school. RHS was contacted and the administration was able to view information on the students’ chromebooks. Materials inappropriate for school were discovered, however, it was determined there was no substantiated threat to the students safety. School administration interviewed both juveniles, notified parents and took disciplinary actions.


On October 24th, an officer was contacted by a resident of Virginia Lane in reference to a motor vehicle burglary. The resident stated sometime late the night before or early in the morning someone got into his unlocked vehicle, rummaged through the glove box, and stole $50 in currency along with an iPhone charger.


On October 24th, an officer was contacted by a resident of Maplehurst in reference to a motor vehicle burglary. The resident stated he went out to his vehicle and noticed the driver side door cracked open. The vehicle appeared to have been gone through. $1000 currency was taken from a bank envelope and a flash light was left behind at the scene. The flashlight and bank envelope were taken into evidence. Illinois State Police processed the vehicle for latent print and were successful in collecting a couple of latent fingerprints and footwear prints.

On October 24th, an officer was notified that a resident of Camelot received a call from an automated caller who stated there is a discrepancy with their taxes and if they do not call back with in 24 hours, the local police would arrest them. The resident did not call them back and did not offer any information over the phone.

These types of calls are scams. If someone contacts you like this, do not call them back and do not give out personal information. 


On October 25th at 1:50 am, an officer noticed a vehicle parked at the end of the cul-de-sac on Roanoke. The vehicle was occupied by two juveniles. Parents were notified due to the curfew violation and juvenile were released to their care.


On October 26th, officers were flagged down on Roanoke by a resident who stated her neighbor’s dog is allowed to run loose and repeatedly defecates in her yard. She has reportedly informed the dog’s owners. Subsequently, the dog has still been allowed to run loose and defecate in her yard. Attempts made to contact the owners but were unsuccessful. A copy of the Village Animal Ordinance and a note were left at the residence concerning the ordinance violation.


On October 26th, a resident on Allegheny notified the police department that sometime between 7pm on Oct. 25th and 11am on Oct. 26th someone entered his unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the consoles. Approximately $5 in loose change was taken.


On October 30th, a resident reported her identity had been stolen. She received a spam text on her cellular phone and shortly after the phone stopped working. After contacting her service provider it was discovered that someone went to a Best Buy, upgraded her phone and added a line to her account. Because of this, she checked her credit history and found on the same day someone opened a credit card account at Best Buy charging up $1,215 and another credit card account was opened at TJMaxx and charged $762. The credit card companies stated the transactions were all in-store purchases. However, they were unable to determine the location of the stores where the purchases were made. The victim is working to close the accounts and at this time hasn’t experienced any monetary loss. The incident was documented and the victim was provided with information regarding identity theft.



Criminal Reports 

Aggravated Assault – 1; Arrest on Warrant – 1; Battery – 1; Burglary to Motor Vehicle – 2; Cannabis: Possession of 30 grams or less – 1; Criminal Trespass to Vehicle – 1; Identity Theft – 1; Theft – 2


Traffic Reports 

Accident Investigations – 11; Failure to Reduce Speed – 2; Hit and Run – 1; Illegal Parking – 3; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 8; Revoked / Cancelled Registration – 1; Speeding – 17; Suspended / Revoked Drivers License – 7; Warnings Issued – 47

Calls for Service

Animal Related Calls – 4; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 3; Assist Fire Department – 8; Assist Other Police Agency – 24; Assist Schools – 4; Building / Business Checks – 5; Burglar Alarms – 2; Citizen Assists – 21; Disturbance – 2; Domestic Trouble – 1; Fights/ Riots/ Brawls – 1; Lost or Recovered Articles – 3; Mental Cases – 3; Motorist Assists – 4; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 5; Vacation Watches – 17; Wild Parties – 1