Rochester Police Beat September 2017


On September 1st at approximately 3:14 am, an officer noticed a vehicle on West Main with only one working taillight. The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop at East Main and John St. The vehicle continued onto 3 more roads before stopping at a residence on Park St. While talking with the driver, the officer smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver’s breath, and her eyes were red and glossy. Throughout the officer’s interaction with the driver, she showed several indications of being impaired. The officer administered Standard Field Sobriety Tests and determined the driver of being too impaired to be driving. Allison Ford of Rochester was taken to the Rochester Police Department where she submitted a breath sample. The sample was determined to have a blood alcohol content of 0.129%. Ford was cited for the equipment violation and for driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of greater than 0.08%. Ford was arrested and taken to Sangamon County Jail. Jostes Towing towed the vehicle.

On September 1st, an officer spoke to a resident of Karen Rose; she stated several pieces of jewelry were taken from her residence sometime between August 25th and 27th. She believed the items were taken by somebody she knows who had access to the residence. A report was generated.

On September 4th, officers were dispatched to a residence on Wyndmoor Dr. in reference to an attempted burglary. It appeared someone had tried to pry open the rear door to the garage leaving damage to the door frame. No entry was made into the residence. The homeowners believe it happened sometime between August 28th and September 4th during daytime hours. A report was generated. There are no suspects at this time.

On September 5th, an officer was approached by a resident wanting to report he had responded to an email he received referencing a PayPal account. He had provided sensitive personal information in his response. The resident had contacted the bank and credit card company to inform them of the scam. At this time, it is unknown if the information was used to obtain fraudulent accounts. A report was generated documenting the event.

On September 6th, officers responded to Woodland Trail in reference to a domestic battery. The wife had returned home to her husband who had been drinking. They engaged in a verbal argument in their garage that became physical. The husband had allegedly tried to choke his wife and they both fell over a bicycle during the altercation. Adam Saathoff was arrested for the alleged domestic battery and transported to the Sangamon County Jail.

On September 8th, an officer responded to the 400 block of E. Main in reference to a theft. The residents explained they had family over for a party Labor Day weekend. During which, they believe their granddaughter stole their prescription medication, Hydrocodone. The granddaughter was caught at Chatham High school allegedly distributing medication. The officer was able to verify with the Chatham Police Department the granddaughter was allegedly distributing Hydrocodone and she had told school officials she got the prescription from her grandmother’s house. A report was generated and forwarded to Juvenile Probation.

On September 9th, a resident of the 500 block of Karen Rose reported to officers, she thought someone had been in her residence. She stated when she entered her residence she noticed various drawers opened throughout the house and a laundry hamper was knocked over. The backdoor shades were opened and the door was unlocked. She believed it was secure when she left. The resident provided possible suspect information. It did not appear anything was taken from the home.

On September 12th, an officer informed a resident on the 1000 block of Heathrow they were in violation of the village burn ordinance by having a burn barrel. The resident stated they will take the necessary measures to be in compliance with the ordinance.

On September 13th, an officer made a stop on a vehicle after running the plate through the in-car computer and discovering the registration was suspended for a mandatory insurance violation. Paula Copelin of Edinburg was cited for allegedly operating a vehicle while registration suspended and operating an uninsured vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the scene by Jostes Towing. A valid driver picked up the occupants of the vehicle from the scene.

On September 13th, officers were notified by a resident of the 500 block of Karen Rose reporting mischievous conduct. After only being gone from her home for a short while, she returned to find the front door was unlocked and the back door was left open. She secured her home before she left. Officers checked the residence. Nothing appeared to be missing. The resident provided possible suspect information. The incident was documented.

On September 14th, an officer initiated a stop after running a license plate through the in-car computer and discovering the registered owner’s driver’s license was suspended. Matthew G. Johnson of Nokomis was cited for allegedly driving while license was suspended. Johnson and his vehicle were towed by Jostes until a valid driver could pick up the vehicle and Johnson.

On September 16th, officers were contacted by a resident who stated she recently learned her son was receiving threatening messages from another resident of Rochester. She stated she reached out to the individual in an attempt to mediate a truce between the two and became the target of the threats as well. A report was generated and forwarded to the State’s Attorney’s office

On September 18th, an officer initiated a stop after running a license plate through the in-car computer and discovering the registered owner’s driver’s license was suspended. Joshua Havener of Taylorville received a citation for allegedly driving while license suspended. A valid driver picked Havener and the vehicle up from the scene.

On September 19th, an officer was approached by an individual in reference to the theft of his chainsaws. He stated he had two chainsaws in the bed of his pickup truck on September 1st. On the day of the theft, he had been running errands on the northeast side of Springfield. It is unknown where the theft occurred. The chain saws were value at $750 and $320. There is no suspect information at this time. A report was generated.

On September 19th at 2:30pm, an officer responded to Guinevere Rd. in reference to a missing juvenile. The stepmother stated she had watched the juvenile walk down the road towards Rochester High School at 7:30 am. She was advised the juvenile never made it to school. After talking to the high school and various contacts, the juvenile was eventually located. Springfield Police Department found the juvenile sitting at a gas station on Toronto Rd. in Springfield at approximately 7:15 pm. The juvenile was transported back to her parents at their residence.

On September 19th, an officer was contacted by an individual claiming her ex-husband posted inappropriate pictures of her on Facebook and sent similar pictures to a friend of hers via Messenger. The pictures were later removed from the Facebook account. Her ex-husband stated he was upset with her over a child custody battle and wanted to post the pictures to show “his side of things”. Charges are being pursued for the alleged Non-Consensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images.

On September 20th, an officer was dispatched to the St. John’s parking lot to check on the welfare of an elderly male sitting in his vehicle. When the officer arrived, Victor Marrow of Iowa was sitting in his vehicle viewing a map. He told the officer he needed directions to Cedar Falls, Iowa. Morrow’s driver’s license was clear and there were no indications he was missing. The officer gave him directions, writing them down on a piece of paper. Later, the officer observed Morrow still sitting in the parking lot and still needing directions to Iowa. The more the officer talked with Marrow the more his story became inconsistent. Morrow stated he had been living out of his truck and had not slept for two days. The officer spoke with Morrow’s ex-wife who claimed she has no contact with him. The officer decided Morrow needed to be evaluated for his safety. He was transported to Memorial Medical Center and released into the hospital’s care.

On September 24th, an officer responded to the 500 block of Magnolia in reference to a disturbance. An engaged couple recently experienced a traumatic event in their relationship and emotions got out of control. The female party was taken to St. John’s Hospital for an evaluation. The male went to a family member’s residence with their child for a couple of days

On September 24th, an officer was responding to a disturbance on Deer Creek in which one of the subjects allegedly fled the scene in a white Honda. The officer observed the suspect vehicle driving erratically and waving a metal object out of the window at the officer’s squad car. The officer followed the vehicle at a safe distance making observations of the individuals driving. The officer then decided the vehicle was endangering others and pursued the vehicle. The suspect’s driving appeared to be calming down and was heading back to the residence at which it started. When the officer reached the residence, the vehicle charged at three different squad cars not making contact. He started driving down the middle of W. Main, Route 29 and ended up on State St. The individual stopped his vehicle in the middle of State St. and held a knife up to his throat. The individual was eventually cuffed and transported to Memorial Medical Center for an evaluation. He was issued citations for fleeing and eluding a police officer and reckless driving. Rochester Police Department was assisted during this incident by Sangamon County Sherriff’s Officer, Springfield Police Department, and Illinois State Police.

On September 25th, an officer was flagged down by a resident of E. Main St. in reference to a broken rear window of a vehicle. The resident reported the window suffered the damage sometime during the late hours of September 22nd. The window was completely shattered. Witnesses stated a group of juveniles were seen throwing rocks near the vehicle. The juveniles were located and interviewed. The parents agreed to pay for the damage.

On September 26th, an officer was dispatched to Subway in reference to a hit and run. The individual stated while inside the Subway, she was notified her vehicle had been hit. She checked on her vehicle and discovered the passenger side of her vehicle had been damaged from the front quarter panel to the side door. It appeared the vehicle was damaged when someone backed out of the space next to her vehicle. No suspect vehicle was located. A report was generated.

On September 29th, an officer initiated a stop after running a license plate through the in-car computer and discovering the registered owner’s driver’s license was suspended. Erik Moma of Moweaqua was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended. A valid driver picked up Moma and his vehicle from the scene.

Criminal Reports

Domestic Battery – 1; Aggravated Assault – 1; Residential Burglary – 1; Theft – 2; Sex Offense – 1; Deceptive Practices/Credit Cards – 1; Mischievous Conduct (no money loss) – 2

Traffic Reports 

Accident Investigations – 5; Failure to Reduce Speed – 1; Fleeing and Eluding a police officer – 2; Reckless Driving – 1; Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol – 2; No Registration – 1; Revoked / Cancelled Registration – 3; No Drivers License – 5; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 5; Speeding – 17; Suspended / Revoked Drivers License – 5; Warnings Issued – 87; Hit and Run – 1

Calls for Service

 Animal Related Calls – 10; Other Ordinance Violations – 2; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 2; Assist Other Police Agency – 31; Assist Fire Department – 8; Assist Schools – 12; Building / Business Checks – 5; Burglar Alarms – 3; Citizen Assists – 53; Runaway – 1; Mental Cases – 2; Disturbance – 6; Domestic Trouble – 2; Traffic Control – 1; Motorist Assists – 6; Suspicious Person / Vehicle –8 ; Vacation Watches – 79; Wild Parties – 1