September 2015 Police Beat


*A large amount of cash was reported stolen from a business in the 100 block of East Main Street. It is believed the theft occurred between 09/05/15, and 09/08/15. There was no sign of forced entry to the building during this time nor was there any evidence indicating someone had been in the building after business hours. The owners were continuing to check with employees in an attempt to obtain additional information.

*A vehicle being driven by Katherine Riley of Springfield was stopped on 09/08/15, at about 5:20p.m. During the stop the officer learned that Riley was allegedly driving on a suspended driver’s license.

*The restroom facilities on Ebel Drive at the Community Park were damaged by fire on 09/08/15. When the public works employees inspected the facility on 09/09/15, they found that a fire had been started in the men’s restroom and spread to the women’s side before extinguishing itself. There was noticeable damage in the men’s restroom and smoke damage on the women’s side. Damage was estimated to be in excess of $500.

*Police were notified of extensive damage to several grassy areas at the north park near the water tower on 09/09/15. It appeared someone had driven a truck through the grassy area causing large ruts. In many areas the ruts were 12 to 18 inches deep. The damage to the park was estimated to be in excess of $500. Shortly after being notified of the incident, a truck was seen at the high school which was covered in mud. When officers spoke with the juvenile subject who owned the truck he admitted he had driven through the park after a recent rain. The juvenile and his parents agreed to make restitution for the damages.

*On 09/14/15, at 7:00p.m., officers were sent to a residence in the 100 block of Mill Street to meet with a subject in reference to a car accident. The resident told officers her vehicle was struck sometime between 9:30p.m. and 10:30p.m., on 09/13/15, causing damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle. When the resident spoke to a subject, whom she identified as Carey Clemons, Clemons admitted to her she had backed into her vehicle. Officers eventually made contact with Clemons. Due to the circumstances surrounding the accident, Clemons was cited for the following alleged violations: operating an uninsured motor vehicle; driving without a valid license; no valid registration; and leaving the scene of an accident.

*A vehicle being driven by Keith Westbrook of Taylorville was stopped on 09/13/15, at about 11:20p.m. During the stop the officer learned that Westbrook’s driver’s license had been suspended. He was cited for the alleged violation.

*On 09/19/15, at 1:45a.m., a vehicle which was being driven by Anna Robinson of Staunton was stopped. Robinson was ticketed for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*A resident on Lancelot Drive reported to the police on 09/19/15, that the exterior of his house had been damaged recently. He recalled hearing a loud noise outside of his residence several days ago, but didn’t think there was a problem. When he was walking around his house today he noticed extensive damage to a window in the area where the noise had originated. It appeared a large object had struck the window damaging the frame and the stone ledge directly under the window.

*The owner of Jostes Car Wash contacted the police on 09/22/15, to file a report. He stated sometime within the past several days three of the coin boxes were broken into and coins were stolen from the boxes. Total loss was estimated at $450 due to damages and lost money.

*The police were notified on 09/25/15, at 8:00p.m. that a subject’s vehicle had been burglarized while it had been parked at the Community Park. The victim reported she parked her vehicle at the Community Park in order to use the bike trail. When she returned to her car she noticed her purse was missing from the vehicle. The victim reported she had a cell phone and $1000 in cash in her purse at the time it was taken. It appeared entry to the vehicle was made thru an unlocked back door.

*An altercation between several juveniles occurred on 09/25/15, in the high school parking lot. Officers were notified of the incident by one of the juvenile’s parents after the juvenile had returned home. The juvenile admitted to officers he had made comments on Facebook about another individual which angered that person. The juvenile stated he was confronted by the subject and several of her friends in the high school parking lot. He reported he was punched by several of them before being able to run to a friend’s house. The juvenile did not appear to have any injuries and stated he did not need medical attention. Neither the juvenile nor his parent wanted any legal action taken. The officer went to spoke to the other parties in an attempt to resolve the situation.

*Several vehicles were burglarized on 09/25/15, and 09/26/15. The vehicles had been parked at a residence in the 400 block of East Main Street when the burglaries occurred. It appears all of the vehicles were unlocked as there were no signs of forced entry. Property missing from the vehicles included: a purse containing various credit cards; face plate from a CD player; and miscellaneous coins.

*Officers were sent to a domestic disturbance in the 100 block of Mill Street on 09/27/15, at 7:20p.m. An individual kicked in a door to gain entrance to a residence as he was reportedly concerned about another family member who was inside the residence. The situation was eventually sorted out and officers learned the incident was part of ongoing family difficulties. Two juveniles, including the one who had kicked in the door, were allowed to leave the scene with another family member. It was determined no physical altercation had occurred.

*Two houses located in the 700 block of Heathrow were egged sometime during the night of 09/29/15. Both houses had egg yolk stains and egg shells on the front of the house. It appears the victims will be able to remove the egg mess without any permanent damage having been done.

Criminal Reports
Aggravated Battery – 1; Arson – 1; Battery – 1; Burglary to Vehicle – 1; Criminal Sexual Assault – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 3; Criminal Damage to State Supported Property – 1; Domestic Battery – 1; Residential Burglary – 1; Theft – 2; Theft form Coin Operated Machine – 1; Unlawful Use of a Weapon

Traffic Reports
Accident Investigations – 5; Failure to Reduce Speed – 2; Hit and Run – 2; Improper Use of /registration – 1; No Valid License – 1; No Valid Registration –8; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle –2; Operation While Registration Suspended – 2; Reckless Driving – 1; Speeding –3; Suspended / Revoked Drivers –6; Warnings Issued – 44

Calls for Service
Animal Related Calls – 5 ; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 11; Assist Other Police Agency – 22 ; Building / Business Checks – 22; Burglar Alarms –9; Citizen Assists – 43; Disturbance – 1; Mental Cases – 1; Mischievous Conduct – 1; Missing Person 1; Motorist Assists – 12; Neighborhood Trouble – 5; Suspicious Auto – 9; Suspicious Vehicle – 10; Traffic Details – 5; Vacation Watches -