Police to Begin Parking Enforcement in Park

Due to the high volume of traffic we are experiencing at the Rochester Community Park, the Village of Rochester has begun to place additional “No Parking” signs in various spots along Wild Rose Lane.


These signs are being placed to reduce the amount of congestion in areas of high foot traffic in order to enhance the visibility of pedestrians crossing the roadway. In addition, these signs will also ensure that the roadways remain clear to accommodate emergency vehicles should a medical or police emergency occur.

The Village has posted signs and designated the grass lot just off Ebel Drive, near the entrance of the park, as overflow parking to accommodate additional vehicles.

I have asked our Officers to increase their presence at the park during these busy times and enforce “No Parking” signs as well as the posted “One Way” sign on Wild Rose Lane.

The safety of our children and our citizens is our primary mission. I am asking for your assistance to help us resolve this issued by obeying traffic signs and utilizing the grass overflow lot when paved parking is full.


William Marass

Chief of Police

(217) 498-8424




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