Police Partner with Community Through Social Networking Sites

The Rochester Police Department’s ability to get information out to the public quickly and accurately has been enhanced tremendously through the use of our Facebook and Twitter accounts. The department currently has 779 individuals who follow the department’s Facebook account, and 109 followers on Twitter.  The department utilizes these sites to keep our followers aware of  important public safety information and of criminal activity the Village is experiencing. These social networking accounts enable the department to send out updates and alerts directly to the public, and in a very timely manner.

The effectiveness of any police department is dramatically enhanced when they partner with their citizens. Frequently we receive calls prefaced by the statement, “I know your busy, but…” – Through these new tools, we are trying to capture this information the public, at times, is reluctant to share with us. The information provided by an informed and alert community is one of the greatest assets any police department can ask for. Citizen participation in this process is not only rewarding for the citizen but for the community as well; this helps to make our neighborhoods safer, more vigilant, and a safer place to raise our families.



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