An officer was contacted on March 13th reference a hit and run. The owner stated her vehicle was struck by another vehicle sometime on March 12th outside of her residence in the Lexington Heights Subdivision. Her vehicle had been legally parked on the side of the road. The driver’s side door has significant damage. A report was generated.

Velma Copeland of Kincaid was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license revoked and operating an uninsured motor vehicle on March 28th. Copeland was given a ride to her destination.

On April 1st, an officer conducted a stop for a speeding violation. It was revealed during the stop, the driver’s license was suspended. Cory Embree of Chatham was issued a citation for allegedly driving while license is suspended and issued a written warning for speed and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. A passenger drove from the scene.

A stop was conducted, April 1st, on a vehicle for an expired registration of November 2018. It was revealed the vehicle was just purchased and due to the pandemic it was not yet transferred. The driver however admitted to having a suspended driver’s license and an active warrant. Matthew Brinkley of Springfield was issued a citation for allegedly driving while license suspended and issued a notice to appear for the traffic warrant.

A residential burglary was reported on April 2nd. The resident stated a known acquaintance went into her residence and took her television. The individual admitted to taking the television but was unable to return it as it was already sold to someone else. Formal charges were forwarded to Sangamon County State’s Attorney on Cody Hodkins of Springfield.

On April 6th at approximately 11:00 p.m., a juvenile female was reported to have run away from her home. The officer checked several of the juvenile’s friends’ residences but she was not located. At approximately 4:54 a.m., the juvenile was dropped off at a residence in Springfield. Her guardians were notified.

A hit and run was reported on April 7th. It was reported someone allegedly struck a building while in the parking lot of the business. An employee of a nearby business was able to provide suspect information but camera footage eliminated the possibility. The incident has been documented.

A motor vehicle theft and several car burglaries occurred between 9:00 p.m. on April 10th and 07:00 a.m. on April 11th. There was no apparent forced entry to any of the vehicles. The vehicle and several items (along with items taken outside of Rochester) were recovered during the investigation and have all been returned to the owners. Several suspects have been identified and formal charges are being pursued.

On April 15th, Lorenzo Harrington of Springfield was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. A passenger in the vehicle drove from the scene.

A stop was conducted for speed on April 15th. During the stop, the officer observed the odor of cannabis being emitted from within the vehicle. Several items of contraband were discovered during a search of the vehicle. The individual was issued an ordinance citation for the alleged violations. A warning was issued for the alleged speed.

Donnell Treadway was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured motor vehicle on April 24th. A valid driver picked up Treadway and her passenger.

On April 25th, an officer was traveling behind a vehicle and observed the vehicle make a sudden turn into a business parking lot, travel around back of the building and park. The business was closed during this time and the officer initiated contact with the suspicious vehicle. The driver was identified and revealed to have a suspended driver’s license. Jeri Woodson of Bullpit was issued a citation for allegedly driving while license suspended. A valid driver picked Woodson and her passengers up from the scene.

Anthony Harris of Springfield was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured motor vehicle on April 25th.

An officer conducted a stop on a vehicle without a registration displayed on April 29th. The driver was able to produce necessary documentation proving a recent purchase of the vehicle. While conducting this stop, a second vehicle pulled over as they were traveling together. The driver of the second vehicle had approached the officer during the stop and exhibited several indicators of impairment including slurred speech, red glossy eyes and the smell of alcoholic beverage was emitting from his breath. The officer also noticed an open alcoholic beverage in the cup holder of the second vehicle. The driver refused all Standard Field Sobriety Tests and the Breathalyzer Test. Evan Smith of Earlville was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal transportation of alcohol, and driving on revoked license. He was transported to the Sangamon County Jail. Jostes towed the vehicle.

An officer was notified of a hit and run that occurred in a business parking lot on April 29th. The individual reported his vehicle was backed into and the other driver left the scene. The individual was able to provide a description of the vehicle and its occupants. The officer was able to get a phone number for the suspect due to them calling the business prior to arrival. Contact was made and the suspect stated he was unaware he struck a vehicle. Information was exchanged and an accident report was completed.


Criminal Reports 

Aggravated Battery – 1; Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol – 1; Harassment by Telephone – 1; Identity Theft – 1; Illegal Transportation of Alcohol – 1; Motor Vehicle Theft – 1; Possession of Drug Equipment – 1; Possession of Stolen Property – 1; Theft $500 and Over – 1; Theft from a Motor Vehicle – 12; Theft Under $500 – 1; Unlawful Possession of a Weapon – 1; Unlawful Restraining – 1; Warrants – 1


Traffic Reports

Citations Issued – 38; Warnings Issue – 68  

Accident Investigations – 5; Hit and Run – 5; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 7 ; Other Moving Violations – 1; Speeding – 21; Suspended / Revoked Drivers License – 8

Calls for Service

Abandoned Vehicle – 1; Animal Related Calls – 12; Assist Fire Department – 32 ; Assist Other Governmental Agency – 1; Assist Other Police Agency – 51; Assist Schools – 1; Building / Business Checks – 96; Burglar Alarms – 13; Civil/Citizen Assists – 33; Disturbance – 9; Domestic Trouble – 1; Lost or Recovered Articles – 4; Loud Noise Complaint – 1; Mental Cases – 4; Missing Persons – 1; Motorist Assists – 1; Neighborhood Trouble – 2; Ordinance Violations – 1; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 32; Vacation Watches – 227


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