The Rochester Police Department has an extensive heritage with a service record dating back to 1878.

Rochester police officer’s were known formally as Constable and later as Marshal. Beginning in 1915 the term marshal was used for law officers, and sometime after 1966 and ever since the term police officer has been used for those holding this position. A review of the minutes of village board meetings, and police department records revealed the following individuals as having served in the capacity as law enforcement officer with the Village of Rochester.

The Rochester Police Department today is one of the most technologically advanced and respected in the area.

The Village of Rochester is located in central Illinois, near Springfield, the capital of Illinois. It’s offices are in the Rochester Village and Library complex located at One Community Drive, on State Route 29, at the east side of the community of Rochester. This spacious, state-of-the-art facility was built in 1995. It houses not only the Police Department, but also in separate quarters, the village government offices, and community library.

The Police Department occupies 3,500 square feet of the complex with two private offices for command personnel, squad room with individual cubicles for each officer, meeting room, break room/kitchen, an evidence processing lab, three separate interview rooms, a locker room with shower, a two car attached garage, and several storage and evidence rooms.

The Rochester Police Department is a full-time agency, providing twenty-four hour a day service. Its members are all graduates of the state’s police training academies and are state certified police officers. In addition to this mandated training, all officers have additional specialized training in various disciplines.


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