In 2007 the Rochester Police Department created the position of Investigator. Prior to this time, the officer on duty or an administrator would respond to a crime scene and begin the report and investigation process. However, due to the need to respond to other calls or follow up on other cases it made it difficult for officers to stay on top of these investigations. As a consequence, officers initiated an investigation that they frequently could not complete on their shift, and they may be off duty for several days before returning to their investigation. This delay in the investigation process would often prove detrimental to the case.

Beginning in 2007 Corporal Schwartz took on the role of investigator. We recognized that we would not resolve every case; however with an officer tasked full time to follow up on open cases we were able to provide our citizens with a higher quality product. We could now follow up on leads in a timely manner, and keep victims informed as to the status of their cases as well as share information that may make or break a case. We now are able to work with other law enforcement agencies much closer to identify crime patterns and share the information that each agency possesses. Individually, these bits of information may seem meaningless but by combining these bits and pieces we began filling in the puzzle pieces that lead to us resolving some of our outstanding crimes.

In addition to an investigator, Rochester is fortunate to have an Illinois State Certified Crime Scene Investigator. Officer Mark Cordes is a 2010 graduate of the 160 hour Crime Scene Investigator Course. The expertise he brings to the table greatly enhances the services that we can offer the citizen’s of Rochester.

We are now able to provide a higher quality of police service which increases our success in resolving cases, and gains the appreciation and confidence from those we serve.


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