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Security Survey

Conducting A good security survey will help reduce your chances of becoming the victim of crime.

If you would like the Rochester Police Department to conduct a security survey on your residence, please contact them at (217) 498-8424 to set up an appointment.

When analyzing potential weaknesses in your home’s security, keep the following things in mind:


* When observing your property from the street, we look to see whether your house is visible to the passing public as well as the officer on patrol. Do trees and shrubs obscure the field of vision from the street?

*   At night is your house well lit up and easy to see from the street?

*   Areas concealed by trees, plants, and other objects give criminals cover and time to operate.

*   Addresses should be large, visible, and lit up or reflective so emergency responders can clearly see them.

*   We are a big fan of motion lights.

Doors & Windows

*   LOCK your doors.

*   Do you have a quality dead bolt lock on your doors? When locked is the bolt buried in a solid hardened frame. A good dead bolt that is secured by a weak wood frame is easily defeated.

*   Garage door openers left in unlocked cars allow access to your garage and frequently your house. Always lock the door from the garage into the house.

* Windows should always be locked. Double hung windows may be further secured by drilling a hole on each side of the lower sash and inserting a nail on each side. Never make it so difficult to open a window from inside that it may not be used as an exit in case of a fire.

* Sliding glass windows and doors can be easily and cheaply secured by sliding a dowel rod in the lower track.

* A Peep hole should be installed on your front doors to provide a view of anyone at your door.

* Garage doors should be closed and locked at all times.

* Alarms, Alarm signs, and Beware of Dog signs are all helpful.

* Fences may prove helpful as they make it more difficult for criminals to gain access to your property and increase the difficulty of carrying items off. Mesh or link fences also provide visibility

Leaving home:

* If you will be away from home, notify trusted neighbors or relatives to keep an eye on your property.

* Arrange for mail to be held and paper to be stopped to avoid tipping off criminals.

* Motion lights and lights inside the house on timers help deter criminals.

* Enroll your home in our Vacation Watch Program, you can access a vacation watch form on this web site and submit it to us electronically.

If you are interested in more details or to have a Rochester Officer conduct a security survey on your home, please contact the Rochester Police Department at (217) 498-8424 to set up an appointment.