The department’s uniforms, awards and insignias reflect the extensive heritage and traditions of the Rochester Police Department. Each component of the various departmental uniforms has symbolic meaning and represents achievements and awards presented to the officer.

Upon receiving their uniforms, our Officers then have their uniforms custom-tailored to them to insure a professional appearance.


Dress Uniform Patch

Dress Uniform

Officers who have served with the department for a period of at least five years are authorized to wear the department’s dress uniform.

The dress uniform consists of a dark navy dress jacket and a pair of black trousers with a gold stripe. The jacket is finished with the coat-of-arms shoulder patch and the falcon collar insignia. This uniform is worn with a Sam-Browne belt and completed with a campaign cover.

The Dress uniform is authorized for wear to formal events such as graduations, funerals and other special events.

Class “A” Uniform

The Rochester Police Department’s Class “A” Uniform is the primary duty uniform of the Department. It consists of a French blue shirt with dark navy blue epaulets. The full color Rochester Coat of Arms is worn as a shoulder patch on this shirt. Also displayed on the left sleeve of the long sleeve shirt are service stripes, one stripe representing four years of service with the department.

Class A Uniform Patch

Officers who have satisfactorily completed their training and probationary phases are authorized to wear the falcon, sword, and sun emblem on their shirt color. This emblem is silver and red for officers and gold and red for supervisors. A tie equipped with the departmental tie bar is also issued with this uniform and authorized for wear with the long sleeve shirt.

The uniform trousers are a dark navy color. Officers may earn a red stripe to display on these trousers for completing a 13.5 mile run.

This uniform is topped off with a campaign cover and the falcon cap insignia.

Night/Tactical Uniform

Tactical Uniform Patch

The Rochester Police Tactical Uniform is a dark blue uniform with a subdued version of the Rochester patch and subdued cloth badge affixed.

This uniform was designed for tactical usage and night time wear, so metal components on the uniform were kept to a minimum to reduce glare.

The cap worn with this uniform is a black soft cover with a subdued metal Peregrine Falcon above the word “police”.

Officers working 2nd and 3rd shifts as well as officers involved in training and tactical operations are authorized to wear this uniform with departmental boots or shoes.

Officer Sommer (left) displays the department’s Tactical uniform and Officer Cordes (right) shows off the department’s Class “A” Uniform.

Sergeant Bragg displays the department’s Dress uniform



DUI Abatement Award
The Rochester Police Department recognizes that impaired drivers pose a significant threat to the public. This is why the department developed their DUI Abatement Award, to acknowledge those officers who have achieved a proficiency in this type of enforcement.

DUI Abatement Award

Officers, who through preventative patrol, remove from Rochester roadways ten drunk or impaired drivers as indicated by the issuance of an Illinois Uniformed Citation for the offense of 11-501 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, within a 1 year period, are authorized to wear this award.

Only professional quality arrests shall be considered when determining the presentation of the award and this determination shall be made by the Chief of Police.

This award may be worn for a period of 1 year from the period of the last arrest. Officers removing one hundred impaired drivers shall be awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster for each one hundred such arrests.

Physical Fitness Award
This award is designed to recognize those officers who go above and beyond the fitness standards required by the department.

Physical Fitness Award

To earn this award, Officer’s must complete either a 13.5 mile run or a 100 mile bike ride. Those Officers who complete either one of these events are authorized to wear the department’s fitness ribbon, denoting this achievement.

Officers who complete a 13.5 mile run and a 100 mile bike ride are authorized the ribbon with one star. Officers completing a marathon or three successive 100 mile bike rides within a three day period are authorized to wear the fitness ribbon with two stars.

The period for which the ribbon is authorized to be worn is from May 1 through April 30, after this the award expires and must be re-earned. The concept behind this is not to dwell on who you were, but to remain cognizant of who you are.

The P.R.I.D.E. Program (Physical Readiness Initiative for Developing Excellence)
This program affirms the Rochester Police Department’s recognition that physical fitness is a key component of a police officer’s job.

P.R.I.D.E. Award

Studies have shown that officers’, who give the appearance that they are in shape, and can handle themselves, are far less likely to be assaulted. Additionally, officer’s who are in shape are more likely to acquit themselves well in use of force encounters. Conversely, officers’ in poor physical shape are not likely to do well in such encounters. Logically it would follow that these officers would be quicker to escalate the level of force they use to bring a suspect under control because they realize they are not prepared to physically handle the encounter without relying on non-lethal alternatives.

Officers scoring the 80% to 89% range of the Cooper Aerobic Standards are authorized to wear the PRIDE Ribbon. Officers scoring in the excellent range, 90% to 100% are authorized to wear the PRIDE Ribbon with 1 silver star. The star is to be centered in the ribbon.

Collar Insignia

The collar insignia of the Rochester Police Department was designed by its members in 1991 and is registered nationally by the American College of Heraldry.

Collar Insignia

Displayed prominently within the insignia is a Peregrine Falcon which symbolizes the Department’s Charter to vigilantly watch over the community. The Peregrine Falcon was selected because of its proud bearing, courage, and skilled flight, which has earned its reputation as a premiere hunter. In ancient times only royalty were permitted to possess these superb aerobatic hunters.

Located directly above the falcon and protectively within its outstretched wings is a “Sun in its Splendor,” which in heraldic designs is used to symbolize an ideal place to live, one of great energy and dynamic development. This same symbolism can be found within the Village Coat of Arms.

Clutched within the talons of the Peregrine Falcon, the sword symbolizes the sacred trust society vests within its police, to bear arms on its behalf. The sword is also representative of the chivalric values and sense of right and wrong that is esteemed in a civilized society.

This collar insignia is authorized for wear department jackets and shirt collars of Rochester Police officers who have satisfactorily completed their basic training and probationary period, earning them the right to proudly display this insignia.


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