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Who We’re Looking For


We select prospective police officers with regard to their integrity and judgment. Those selected will be expected to live up to the highest ethical standards in both conduct and decision making. We are empowered to enforce the laws of our country, our state, and our community, and we are expected to do so in a fair and impartial manner.

Policing is a service oriented profession and we must never lose sight of that; despite our personal feelings it is our responsibility to be polite and professional in each and every contact we make. The Chief is expected to provide a vision for the department and sell that vision. Supervisors are expected to grow their people, to model behavior for their officers to emulate. We are expected to create a culture of Honor by our actions and to foster and demand this of our people. Ours is a truly noble profession and our actions should reflect this.

The Selection Process will include:

* Written Exam
* Oral Interview
* Extensive Background Investigation

Applicants who are selected to continue on in the testing process will be given a conditional offer of employment and required to pass the following examinations:

* Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) Test
* Comprehensive Drug Test
* Medical Examination
* Psychological Screening