*Daniel Roach, of Springfield, was issued a citation for allegedly driving on a revoked license.  The incident occurred on 05/01/11 at 5:25p.m.

*Michael Davis, of Jacksonville, was cited on 05/05/11 at 1:50p.m. for reportedly driving on a suspended license and driving without insurance.

*What began as a motorist assist eventually resulted in the arrest of the driver of the vehicle for allegedly driving on a revoked license.  An officer stopped to help a motorist identified as Tiffany Tucker, of Taylorville, whose vehicle had run out of fuel on 05/06/11, at 2:30p.m. on Route 29.  A check of Tucker’s driver’s license revealed her current driving status as being revoked.  She was arrested for the alleged violation.

* A vehicle stop was conducted on 05/09/11, on a vehicle being driven by Rodney Peck of Taylorville.  Peck was subsequently ticketed for reportedly driving while his license was suspended.

*Taylor Dodd, of Riverton, was stopped on 05/07/11, and again on 05/09/11.  Both stops resulted in Dodd being issued tickets for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*Leeanne Kinsella, of Taylorville, received multiple tickets on 05/11/11, at 10:15p.m.  Kinsella had reportedly been driving without proof of insurance and driving while her license was revoked.

*A vehicle being driven by Sean Dickerson was stopped on 05/13/11, at 8:00p.m.  Dickerson received citations for allegedly driving while his license was suspended and for driving without insurance.

*Officers were sent to a report of a disturbance at a residence on Pleasant Lane on 05/15/11, at 8:50p.m.  Upon arriving at the residence officers were informed by the complainant that his 25 year-old son had become angry and had been threatening to tear up the residence and kill family members.  Officers were told that the subject was in a bedroom with his brother and was possibly armed with a knife.  Officers were eventually able to talk the subject out of the bedroom.  He was eventually transported to the hospital.

*Multiple citations were issued to Colleen Lawrence, of Assumption, as a vehicle stop was conducted on a vehicle she was driving on 05/18/11, at about 12:40p.m.  Lawrence was reportedly driving while being suspended and driving without insurance.

*Ashley Blades, of Springfield, was issued a citation on 05/19/11, for reportedly driving on a suspended license.

*A vehicle being driven by Timothy Carr of Springfield was stopped on 05/21/11, at 10:30p.m. due to an alleged headlight violation.  Carr was eventually ticketed for allegedly driving on a suspended license and operating a vehicle without insurance.

*An officer discovered a vehicle improperly parked in the Rochester School parking lot at about 8:00a.m. on 05/22/11.  The officer noticed that the window was down and the keys were still in the ignition.  It was determined the vehicle which was registered to the City of Taylorville had been reported as being stolen.  Taylorville authorities were notified and they came to retrieve their vehicle.

*Officers were sent to a residence on Pleasant Lane on 05/24/11, at about 1:15p.m. in reference to a report of a domestic disturbance.  Officers were told that a 16 year-old subject who resides at the residence began arguing with his siblings. During the course of the argument he reportedly punched an older brother striking the side of the victim’s head.  A referral report was sent to the juvenile authorities.

*Felisha Sickles, of Edinburg, was arrested on 05/25/11, at 9:00p.m.  After running a computer check of Sickles driver’s license, officers learned that she was wanted on a warrant which had been issued in Douglas County.

*On 05/30/11, at 10:15p.m. a vehicle being driven by Gregory Jones, of Vandalia, was stopped.  It was reported that Jones had been driving while his license was suspended.

*A vehicle being driven by David Matthews, of Nokomis, was stopped on 05/30/11 at 10:30p.m. for an alleged equipment violation.  Matthews was eventually arrested in reference to a warrant which had been issued by Montgomery County authorities.


Criminal Reports

Battery – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 3; Domestic Battery – 2; Violation of Order of Protection – 1; Warrant Arrest - 2

Traffic Related Incidents

Accident Investigations – 2;  No Drivers License – 3; No Registration – 2; Operation of Uninsured Motor Vehicle –37; Operating While Registration Suspended – 2; Seat Belt Violations – 11; Speeding – 23; Suspended Registration – 2; Suspended/Revoked License –17; Warnings – 214

Calls For Service

Animal Calls – 4; Assist Other Police Depts. – 12;  Assist to Other Organizations – 5; Building/Business Checks – 105; Burglar Alarm – 8; Citizen Assist – 46; Disturbance – 2; Domestic Trouble – 3; Extra Patrol Vacation Watches – 127;Loud Noise Complaints – 4; Mental Cases – 1; Motorist Assists – 9; Neighborhood Trouble -1; School Programs – 6; Suspicious Auto – 3; Suspicious Person – 5