*After stopping a vehicle which had been travelling southbound on Route 29 on 05/02/15, at 12:20a.m., the investigating officer was told the driver was currently driving on a suspended license. The driver, Dylan Blanford of Taylorville, was ticketed for the alleged offense.

* A subject came to the police department on 05/02/15, at 12:30p.m., to report a theft of gasoline. The victim told the officer he went to the Phillips 66 station and filled up a 5 gallon gas can. He went inside the store and paid for the gas, and then left without placing the can back into his truck. When he returned to the store a short time later he found that the gas can had been stolen. On 05/22/15, officers located the subject who had taken the container. He admitted to taking the container telling the officer the same thing had happened to him in the past. The container was refilled and returned to the victim.

*A vehicle being driven by Nicholas Hartwick of Springfield was stopped on 05/04/15, at 1:40p.m. A check of Hartwick’s driver’s license revealed he was currently wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Sangamon County Authorities. He was taken to the Sangamon County Jail.

*An officer stopped a vehicle which had been travelling on Route 29 on 05/05/15, at about 11:30a.m. The officer reported the vehicle was being driven by Timothy Dean of Taylorville. Dean was cited for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*Scott Miller was stopped on 05/05/15, at 5:45p.m., at the intersection of East Main and Water Streets. Miller received a citation for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*Julianna Scott of Taylorville was stopped on 05/05/15, at 2:40p.m., while travelling on Route 29. Scott was ticketed for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*A subject who was mowing grass in the 300 block of Park Street reported he left his string trimmer in the front yard while he was mowing in the back, and when he returned to the front the trimmer was gone. The trimmer was described as an orange colored Stihl string trimmer valued at $200. The incident occurred on 05/06/15, at approximately 1:00p.m.

*A residential burglary was reported to the police on 05/06/15, at 7:45p.m. The victim, who resides in the 200 block of Water Street, told police he had three bicycles taken from an attached garage along with cash which had been taken from inside the residence. After speaking with the victim and with several neighbors, officers gained information as to a suspect. He was contacted and admitted he had come to the residence from Springfield and had stolen the items. A report has been forwarded to the Sangamon County Juvenile Authorities.

*On 05/08/15, at approximately 8:00p.m., officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence on Penacook Street. Officers learned that the complainant’s teenage son had become angry and began damaging the house. According to the report, the teenager became angry when his mother took some electronic equipment from him. Arrangements were made for the juvenile to stay with a friend’s family for the evening and a report was sent to the juvenile authorities.

*Several officers were dispatched to a residence on Taft Drive on 05/13/15, at 1:00a.m., for a reported burglary in progress. Officers arrived and met with the owner of the residence who told them he heard someone trying to get into his house through the front door. The resident went to the door and found it was unlocked. When he looked outside he saw someone standing in the road. After a short period of time the resident observed a male subject come back to the door, and begin pulling on the door handle. When the resident yelled at him he took off running. The subject, who turned out to be a juvenile, was eventually located by the officers. He told the officers his girlfriend, who lives at the residence, gave him permission to come into the house after her parents had gone to bed. He explained when he saw the owner of the house at the front door he took off running. Officers spoke to all of the parents about the situation and then released the male subject into the custody of his father.

*On 05/18/15, at 5:40p.m., a vehicle being driven by Crystal Parks of Sterling was stopped. The police report indicates Parks was issued citations for driving while her vehicle registration was suspended. While the officer was checking her driver’s license status he was informed Parks was wanted on a warrant which had been issued by Whiteside County Authorities. She was taken to the Sangamon County Jail.

*Beau Jarman of Hillsboro was stopped on 05/19/15, at 2:10p.m. Jarman was issued a citation for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*Steel chains and steel clevises were stolen from a construction site at 200 Ebel Drive sometime after 5:00p.m., on 05/21/15, and prior to 8:00a.m., on 05/22/15. An employee with Prairie State Plumbing and Heating reported the incident to the police estimating the equipment at $1800.

*Keith Merrick of Springfield was stopped while travelling on Route 29 on 05/24/15, at 8:50p.m. Merrick was cited for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*An officer was sent to the Rochester Intermediate School on 05/27/15, in reference to an incident which had occurred at 9:00a.m., that day. School personnel advised a student had become angry and threw several chairs striking another student causing a minor injury to the student.

*James Snell of Edinburg was stopped on 05/27/15, at 5:45p.m. Snell was issued a citation for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

*Courtney Jackson of Springfield was stopped on05/27/15, at 9:21p.m. Jackson was issued a citation for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

Criminal Reports
Assault – 1; Battery – 1; Burglary – 1; Burglary to Vehicle – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – 1; Criminal Sexual Assault – 1; Criminal Damage to Property – ; Telephone Harassment – 1; Theft – 3; Warrant Arrest -- 2

Traffic Reports
Accident Investigations – 5; Failure to Reduce Speed – 4; Improper Use of /registration – 1; No Valid License – 1; No Valid Registration – 1; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 6; Operation While Registration Suspended – 3; Other Miscellaneous Incidents – 7; Speeding – 6; Suspended / Revoked Drivers – 9; Traffic Detail – 2; Warnings Issued – 58

Calls for Service
Animal Related Calls – 8 ; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 23; Assist Other Police Agency – 17 ; Building / Business Checks – 16; Burglar Alarms – 12; Citizen Assists – 29; Disturbance – 1; Domestic Trouble – 3; Motorist Assists – 18; Neighborhood Trouble – 2; Noise Complaints – 1; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 7; Vacation Watches -- 89