Rochester Police Beat February 2017

  • On 02-04-17 at approximately 5:53pm an officer patrolling Illinois Route 29 witnessed a driver disobey two traffic control devices. The officer initiated a traffic stop and discovered the driver, Aaron C. Boys of Rochester, had a revoked driver’s license. Boys had a restricted driver’s permit but it did not cover the time frame for which Boys was driving. Boys was issued citations for disobeying a traffic control device and driving with a revoked driver’s license.
  • On 02-03-17 at approximately 3:27pm officers were dispatched to the Rochester High School for a student that was fighting with school staff. The student had missed school during the day and showed up for an after school event where he was “acting out.” The student became physical with his mother and grandmother as they tried to keep him from running out of the school while waiting for officer’s to arrive. The student did make it out of the school and begin to run but was eventually apprehended by officers. Due to past incidents involving this student he was subsequently taken to the Juvenile Detention Center where he was detained.
  • On 02-07-17 a Rochester resident reported that he had received a text message from his bank asking about a $100 withdraw from an ATM in California. The resident contacted the bank immediately to notify them the transactions were not authorized. $760 had already been withdrawn from the account using a card and PIN combination. The bank filed their own reports, issued new cards with chip technology and asked for a copy of the police report to be forwarded to them once completed.
  • On 02-10-17 at approximately 3:36am an officer patrolling Illinois Route 29 noticed a red Chevy pickup with no registration light making the temporary registration unreadable. The officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with Clay A. Samuelson. Samuelson’s driver’s license was suspended, he did not have valid insurance for the vehicle, and the registration on the truck was for a different vehicle. Samuelson was arrested and taken into custody for driving while his license was suspended. He was cited for DWLS, operating an uninsured vehicle, and operating a vehicle without valid registration. He was detained at the Sangamon County Jail and released on bail.
  • On 02-10-17 officers took a report of a missing wallet that was left at the Rochester Phillips 66 gas station at approximately 9:15pm. The owner went back to find it but was unsuccessful. The wallet contained his DL, FOID card and Scheels credit card.
  • On 2-13-17 an officer met with Tom Heuer who had found a children’s bike in his back yard. He stated it did not belong to any of his neighbors that he had made contact with. Heuer gave the bike to the police officer in case anyone claimed it or reported it missing. The bike is a red and blue children’s bike.
  • On 02-14-17 an officer was called to the Rochester High School by the administration to take a report on a Criminal Sexual Assault that occurred between two high school students. After taking the initial report the officer determined that the actual incident took place outside of Rochester Police Department’s jurisdiction. The officer completed the initial investigation by collecting statements from the administration and then forwarded the case to the agency for that jurisdiction.
  • On 02-14-17 a residential burglary was reported on Wildrose Drive. The resident had left a back door unsecured and a Dell computer and hard-drive valued at approximately $500 was allegedly stolen.
  • On 02-16-17 an officer patrolling Illinois Route 29 using moving radar locked in a vehicle’s speed at 73 MPH. The officer turned around and paced the vehicle as the speed limit changed from 55 to 45 MPH. The vehicle continued to exceed the speed limit by at least 10 MPH. The officer then initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the drier, Samantha R. Helton of Lincoln. Helton did not have a driver’s license on her at the time but claimed that she did have a valid license. Upon further investigation the officer determined that her license was in fact suspended. Helton was issued a citation for DWLS and warning for exceeding the speed limit.
  • On 02-17-17 an officer was dispatched the Rochester Post Office for property damage report. It appears that a delivery truck had made contact with the part of the building that hangs over the loading dock. At this time the responsible party has not been determined.
  • On 02-17-17 an officer was dispatched to a traffic accident that had occurred at the high school where the parking lot exits onto Illinois Route 29. A student had pulled out and made contact with the passenger side of a vehicle headed northbound on Route 29. There were no injuries and only minor damage to the vehicles. The student was issued a citation for failure to yield while turning left.
  • On 02-19-17 while patrolling Illinois Route 29 an officer ran the registration of a vehicle that belonged to Michael Droke of Taylorville. The officer then ran Droke’s name through the system to find his driver’s license information. The officer confirmed that Droke’s driver’s license was suspended. The officer confirmed that the driver matched the description on Droke’s driver’s license information and initiated a traffic stop. The driver confirmed he was Michael Droke and he was subsequently issued a citation for DWLS.
  • On 02-20-17 at least two people stopped at the Rochester Police Department to report their concerns of an elderly male, Raymond Carson, driving a conversion van the wrong way on Illinois Route 29. Raymond got turned around and made his way to the police department to ask for directions. The officer recognized that the Raymond appeared to be confused and did not realize he was in Rochester. After attempting for a significant period of time to contact a family member or caretaker the officer was unsuccessful. Raymond claimed to be homeless and living in his van. The officer determined it was not safe for Raymond to continue driving. After exhausting all other options the officer completed an Involuntary Admission into the Memorial Medical ER.
  • On 02-21-17 the Rochester Police Department was notified that a resident, Dalton C. Felber was wanted on a warrant issued by the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department. Dalton Felber was located and taken into custody at 4:38pm the same day.
  • On 02-21-17 the Rochester High School notified the police that a student had arrived at school under the influence of marijuana. The student admitted to being in possession of marijuana which was in their vehicle parked on school property. School administrators searched the student’s vehicle and located the contraband. The officer issued the student a civil citation for possession of approximately 2 grams of marijuana.
  • On 02-22-17 police were dispatched to a traffic crash that occurred at the intersection of Cardinal Hill Rd and Route 29. Unit 2 was rear ended by Unit 1 causing minor damage to the vehicles. Neither of the drivers were injured.
  • On 02-27-17 Nicole Manley was cited for driving while her license was suspended.
  • On 02-28-17 Sangamon County Dispatch notified the police that a vehicle was leaving Springfield heading into Rochester and was crossing over into the opposite lane. Callers were concerned the driver was intoxicated or experiencing a medical emergency. The officer located the vehicle and witnessed the reported driving behavior. The officer initiated a traffic stop and discovered the driver to be an elderly woman that appeared to be lost and could not locate her home. The driver was not intoxicated or having medical trouble. The officer assisted the driver in making it to her home safely. The officer requested a re-examination by the Secretary of State to ensure she is safe to continue driving. No citation was issued.
  • On 02-28-17 an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding. After checking the status of the driver’s license it was discovered that the driver was wanted on a warrant. The officer arrested Christina K. Wertz on a warrant for Failure to Appear for Traffic issued by Christian County.

Criminal Reports

Criminal Sexual Assault – 1; Aggravated Battery – 1; Deceptive Practices– 2; Identity Theft – 1; Obstructing Justice – 1; Possession of Controlled Substance – 1; Possession of Marijuana – 1; Telephone Harassment – 1; Theft – 1; Warrant Arrests – 3; Runaway– 1; Truancy– 1; Disorderly Conduct– 2;

Traffic Reports 

Accident Investigations – 3; Improper Lane Usage – 1; Miscellaneous Offenses –7; No Registration – 2; No Drivers License – 1; Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 6; Speeding – 9; Suspended / Revoked Drivers – 10; Traffic Details – 4; Warnings Issued –58;

Calls For Service

Animal Related Calls – 9; Assist EMS Dept. / Other Governmental Agency – 23; Assist Other Police Agency – 23; Assist Schools – 8; Building / Business Checks – 13; Burglar Alarms – 10; Citizen Assists – 58; Disturbance – 1; Domestic Trouble – 3; Fingerprinting – 4; Lost articles – 1; Mental Cases – 2; Motorist Assists – 7; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 8; Vacation Watches -- 327