Rochester Police Beat September 2018


On September 1st, Jennifer Mattison of Petersburg was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the scene by Jostes.

Officers responded to Willow Street in reference to a disturbance on September 4th. An argument was taking place between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The fight did not become physical at any point. The boyfriend agreed to leave for the evening to let things cool off.

On September 5th, an officer was notified by public works employee of a person dumping trash into the park dumpsters. The individual was informed his actions were illegal and issued a warning. Subsequent offenses will result in a citation and fines.

It was reported on September 6th by a resident of Park Forest Place that a license plate had been stolen off her vehicle sometime in the last month. The plate was entered into the state database listed as stolen. A report was generated.

An officer was contacted by a business owner in reference to three customers being banned from the store on September 7th. The customers had come into the store on September 6th and taken merchandise. When the store contacted the individuals they agreed to return the merchandise if the cops were not notified. All of the merchandise was returned to the store and the customers were informed they were banned.

On September 8th, an officer was dispatched to Route 29 at John St. in reference to a hit and run. A witness on scene told the officer a small white or gray two door vehicle was turning north on John St. from Route 29 and went over a curb striking a street sign. The witness also advised the vehicle had a flat tire when it left the scene. The suspect vehicle was not located. The scene was photographed and a report generated.

On September 9th a pizza delivery driver reportedly flashed his brights at an oncoming truck to let them know their brights were on. The truck allegedly turned on blue and white flashing lights and pulled the driver over. The individual in the truck presented as a police officer and conducted a traffic stop. During which, he tried to “snatch” the delivery driver’s wallet and threatened to shoot him when confronted with a baton the delivery driver kept in the vehicle. The truck driver was described a male, 6’0”, thin, black hair, wearing glasses. There was also a passenger in the truck. The incident was documented.

On September 11th, Hannah McIntosh of Taylorville was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended. Valid drivers picked McIntosh and her vehicle up from the scene.

Our police department fields numerous calls every year about juveniles who have taken indecent photographs of themselves and posted it to social media after which these photos end up being shared by others. We would like to remind parents to please take time to talk to your kids about the dangers online and the repercussions of posting such pictures.

On September 14th, Dwayne Hull of Taylorville was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended, operating a vehicle while registration is suspended and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. Taylorville Towing towed the vehicle.

Shelly Ray of Riverton was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended on September 16th. A valid driver arrived on scene to take Ray and her vehicle home.

On September 16th at approximately 11:58 pm, an officer conducted a stop after observing a vehicle making sudden jerky movements and then quickly turned into a driveway. The officer observed a male exit the vehicle and start towards the residence. The driver, now known as Jeremy Cashen of Nilwood, told the officer he was visiting his friend at the residence. The officer requested to meet the resident to verify Cashen’s story. At this time, Cashen informed the officer, he didn’t know anyone at the residence and he was driving on a suspended license. Cashen was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended. The passenger in the vehicle, Ashley Swallows of Pekin, was arrested on a warrant out of Tazewell County for unlawful possession of a controlled substance. She was transported to the Sangamon County Jail. Jostes towed the vehicle.

On September 17th, a stop was conducted on a vehicle after noticing the registration was expired. During the stop it was discovered the driver’s license was suspended. Courtney Wessing of Mechanicsburg was cited for allegedly driving while license suspended, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and no registration. Jostes towed the vehicle and a valid driver picked Wessing up from the scene.

At approximately 11:57 am on September 18th, an officer was informed by a resident of Mill Street that a bicycle, a cell phone, and a bicycle chain were in his front yard next to fresh blood on his front stoop. The items were photographed and taken back to the department. Officers were able to locate the owner, who had been riding his bike, fallen and broke his nose. He went to the emergency room and had left his belongings where the incident had happened.

Officers were dispatched to Sattley St. for a possible burglary in progress at 4:54 am September 27th. The resident stated she woke up to find a black male crouching down in her bedroom closet peering out at her. There was no physical evidence indicating someone was in the residence. Officers discovered the residence was still secure from the inside other than the door she had to open. The yard surrounding the house was undisturbed as well. The officer provided extra patrol of the area the next couple of days.

An officer conducted a stop on September 27th of a vehicle that’s registration came back expired in 2014 out of Texas. The vehicle registered to an individual not on scene and when asked the driver stated he purchased the vehicle a year ago but hadn’t bothered transferring the title. James Harris of Mount Auburn was cited for allegedly operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and no registration. The vehicle was towed by Nevell’s towing.

On September 30th, Sharon Cartwright of Springfield was stopped and cited for allegedly driving while license suspended. Valid drivers arrived on scene to transport Cartwright and her vehicle home.


Criminal Reports 

Child Pornography – 1; Forgery – 1; Impersonating a Police Officer – 1; Intimidation – 1; Possessing a Controlled Substance – 1; Retail Theft – 1; Theft Over $500– 1


Traffic Reports 

Accident Investigations – 6; Failure to Reduce Speed – 1; Hit and Run – 1; Illegal Parking – 1; No Registration – 3; Operating a motor vehicle with a Suspended Registration – 1; Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle – 6; Speeding – 3; Suspended / Revoked Drivers License – 12; Traffic Signal Violation – 4; Warnings Issued – 52

Calls for Service

Animal Related Calls – 4; Assist Ambulance / Other Governmental Agency – 8; Assist Fire Department – 27; Assist Other Police Agency – 16; Assist Schools – 5; Building / Business Checks – 4; Burglar Alarms – 3; Citizen Assists – 15; Civil Assists – 1; Disturbance – 5; Domestic Trouble – 2; Illegal Dumping – 1; Lost or Recovered Articles – 4; Loud Noise Complaint – 2; Motorist Assists – 8; Neighborhood Trouble – 2; Operation Friendship – 5; Ordinance Violations – 3; School Programs – 1; Suspicious Person / Vehicle – 11; Traffic Control – 12;Vacation Watches – 5