Village Public Hearing

Village of Rochester

Monday, May 4, 2015
7:00 pm

Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing, to share information
with the community regarding interest in bringing a pharmacy to the
Village of Rochester, will be held in the Rochester Village Hall
Community Room, #1 Community Drive, Rochester, IL at 7:00 pm on
Monday, May 4, 2015.

A. J. Lipka, Community Pharmacy Specialist for TelePharm, will
be available to present his company, TelePharm.  His company has
looked at the demographics of Rochester and has interest in opening a
pharmacy in the Village of Rochester. He will be available to answer
any questions for the board and citizens present.

Dated this 27th day of April, 2015

Deborah R Elderton
Village Manager

Stacia Munroe
Village Clerk

Publication Date:
Rochester Times on Thursday, April 30, 2015